Restoring Faith in EOS: Valor Genesis Fund Phase One Update

You heard correct, the EOS Community joins together to restore faith in EOS!

Something most token holders may or may not realize is that EOS is rich with community and culture. A community of givers and culture of support. This level of giving and support is displayed perfectly by a past community fundraiser for the EOS Voting Portal started by Katie Roman aka @summerskin.

It only makes sense that we all would ban together again in an attempt to make the token holders whole with the Valor Genesis Fund.

Valor Genesis Fund Update

We have all been busy behind the scenes working with the organizers of EOS911 started by EOS42 and reaching out to ECAF for more information regarding the initiative. As we wait for a response, we decided to dig into the data.

What The Data Says

Out of 34 compromised accounts, since the Genesis snapshot and launch of the chain, 15 events occurred but not all were a loss of tokens, however, 5 of which resulted in the loss of tokens.

EOS Tribe is proud to share that by the data collected, the EOS software by saved 96,335 EOS from being stolen. You do the math and join us in thanking @dan as well as everyone that made this possible!

We encourage you to dig into the data analysis put together by @controllinghand of the EOS BP Compliance Data/Research Group here. Bravo S, BRAVO!

As airdrops concerns have been brought up by some victims, we can report some airdrops have taken place and show in accounts but if after your account is unfrozen and you missing any, reach out to us and we will see what can be done.

Baby Steps

After much discussion with several community members listed below, we choose a “baby steps” approach to this fund.

Phase one of this fund is for the token holders that lost their tokens completely, which is about 8046 EOS.

NOTE: The 3572 EOS that EOS Store has stated they wish to refund at some time, is not included in this total.

But it can be added, if needed.

Moving Forward

A way to donate securely on the EOS blockchain is our goal. We are currently working with developers on this and invite any developers in the community up for the challenge to contact us.

We hope that ECAF will be able to assist us with the process, in order to ensure that our due diligence is consistent with ECAF’s practices. As of right now, we are processing independently of ECAF but open to collaborating. It has always been our goal to hand this over to a trusted third party group. Expect another update from us on where to donate and who the trusted third party will be.

Many Thanks

A huge thank you to all who have reached out to us from our original post on the Valor Genesis Fund. And much gratitude to those in the community that have already mentioned they wish to donate to this fund.

The following individuals have contributed their personal time to help us try to think out this initiative and we want to give them a special thanks.

In alphabetical order:

Aaron Huang — @eostark
Adam Elmostehi — EOS Tribe & Founder of QOQO
Anna Taylor — EOS Tribe — @a3t
Cesar Rodriguez — creator of Decentwitter
CJ Anders — EOS Wire
Controllinghand — @controllinghand from the EOS BP Compliance Data/Research Group
Domenic —
Eugene Luzgin — EOS Tribe — @eluzgin
Igor Lins e Silva — EOS Rio
Katie Roman — @summerskin
Liam Wu — EOS 42 — @eos42
Philip W — EOS Detroit — @eos.detroit
Raleigh Felton — EOS Tribe — @raleighfelton
Rob Konsdorf — EOS Detroit — @robrigo
Steve Floyd — EOS Tribe — @sf2

Next Update

This is something we all are actively working on, and in order to ensure we do a thorough a job, it will take a bit of time. But, in order to keep all our work as transparent as possible, we will be publishing updates on the matter. Stay tuned for the next one, as we move further along in setting things up to make the victims whole!


If you want to help, leave a comment below, then join this Valor Genesis Fundraiser Contributors on Telegram to learn the latest details on this initiative.

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