DApp Review Series — Opening

Hello, we are EOSYS.

EOSYS will be writing an EOS DApp review once every two weeks. Through this review, we wish to offer an opportunity for the readers to better grasp the EOS ecosystem, which is rapidly being vitalized.

As our goal is to vitalize and popularize the EOS ecosystem, we believe it is our duty to introduce new DApps, and provide answers for the questions users might have, through this DApp review series.

We hope you enjoy this new series, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, leave a comment below :)

There are 9 subchapters we will be using to assess and analyze the DApps in our review. The subchapters are as follows:

  1. Brief Introduction of the DApp
    We will introduce the DApp’s vision, background, and other necessary information related to the DApp upon its review.
  2. Token Economy
    We will look at the amount of tokens supplied, the way it’s supplied, market cap, and analyze the DApp’s structure in terms of its economic circulation.
  3. Team
    We believe that a team that consists of good members develops good DApps. Thus, we will also be introducing noticeable team members of a project.
  4. Summary an Analysis of White Paper
    We will summarize the white paper into digestible words, and analyze the DApp’s mechanism.
  5. The DApp’s USP(Unique Selling Point)
    We will look at how the DApp differentiates itself from corporations and services that are currently available in the market, and their characteristics that will allow them to gain advantage over other competitors.
  6. Weakness
    To provide an objective review, we will also be exploring the DApp’s weaknesses, and ways for the DApp to improve.
  7. How to Use the DApp
    In case the DApp is live or at it’s beta test stage, we will demonstrate how to use the DApp.
  8. Recent Issues
    We will provide recent news such as the DApp’s new partnerships, novel investments it gets, and its new updates.
  9. Other Information
    In this section, we will further discuss necessary information according to the DApps we review.

We will soon return with quality DApp reviews, hoping it could lead to further growth and development of killer DApps in the EOS ecosystem.

Thank you for reading. Please be on the lookout for our DApp reviews!

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