EOSYS’s additional roadmap announcement(May 2018)

Hello, this is EOSYS, the Korean block producer candidate. Few days ago, we have published “Presenting EOSYS for 2nd EOS Go reports” and explained the two criteria asked by EOSGo.

DApp & Service Dev / Invest / Support

1. EOSScan(EOS Block Explorer) — EOSScan, loved by the communities all over the world, has been providing information on EOS ICO over a year. Now EOSScan will be reborn into Block Explorer. The new EOSScan will provide users with searching experience so that they can easily find information on block, transaction, and account of EOS based chains. In addition, it will be developed in high performing programming language Elixir(on Erlang) and will be presented with user-friendly UX/UI. We plan to launch it by July and by the 4th quarter, API function and visual presentation function based on data analysis will be added.

2. EOSYS Accelerator — Focusing on EOS based DApp in Korea, we will put all our effort to nurture DApp all over the world. We plan to grow more than 100 DApps in next 2 years. With DSC investment, we are continuing research on EOS ecosystem investment.

In-depth report for EOS blockchain Ecosystem investment.(http://bit.ly/onEOS)

3. NOVA Wallet(tentative) — EOS based wallet developed under EOSYS’ support . It is a cryptocurrency wallet that can safely store and transfer EOS based tokens, and is built with intuitive UI and supports multi-OS(Android, iOS, Web). NOVA Wallet plans to provide fast and easy payment function. Also for enhanced security, fingerprint recognition or OTP function will be added as well. Lastly, other various functions like ICO and airdrop participation, block producer voting and token rental will be added for token holders.

2Q 2018: Android launch(June)
3Q 2018: Web(Chrome Extension), iOS launch
4Q 2018: global, wallet based Add-on service launch

4. EOSDAQ — World’s first EOS based Decentralized exchange (DEX) invested and nurtured by EOSYS, various EOS based tokens will be listed and traded. Launch planned for August for 2018.

5. TOKENEXT — World’s first EOS based decentralised crowdfunding platform invested and nurtured by EOSYS, it will be a hub for numerous EOS project, ICO and funding. Launch planned for August 2018.

6. EOSYS Fund — For EOS ecosystem and DApp developers and Korea EOSYS will invest 30 billion won will be invested over next 3 years so more and better services could be shown to the world. EOSYS Fund will be carried out regardless of EOSYS being elected for BP.

7. EEG(EOS Evangelists Group) — EOSYS gathers EOS evangelists to prosper EOS ecosystem. The more people get to know EOS, the more EOS community will thrive in a way that benefits all. The following activities are included:

Create easy and interesting contents to share EOS’s vision and value
Translate news from EOS community ASAP

A writer compensation program will be updated. We welcome EOS evangelist with open arms. Detailed information including membership will be announced later in May. Please welcome to discussion and apply at http://t.me/eosforall.

8. EOSYS Korea Testnet — EOSYS has been preparing for consistent block production. Our engineers are conducting experiments and researches on EOSIO, educating all EOSYS members how BIOS Boot works. We finished reviewing the bios booting process and as a result, a testnet monitoring page will be provided in the middle of May. Testnet monitoring process is essential as it allows simulating block producing process so that we can predict and be prepared for possible issues. EOSYS is always ready to become a reliable block producer.

EOSYS Korea Testnet — http://monitor.eosys.io

Special Announcement: EOS Tower — With Planning Korea, this project plans to build world’s first blockchain tower. The building to lead EOS ecosystem will provide co-working space for companies, blockchain studio for incubators, accelerator and exchanges, and creative suite for other business purposes.

Also, there will be EOS Supernode Hall, so anyone can see EOSYS infrastructure and check block production occur on spot.

More information will be announced with more preparation, so ask for your continuous attention.

with Chain Partners

  1. DAYBIT Exchange — The first exchange in Korea with EOS as key currency. After mainnet is launched in June 2018, it will be open after stablisation test. All EOS based tokens will be airdropped if you have EOS in David Exchange. Also, BP vote function and token rental function will be added once ready.

2. Coinduck — World’s first Ethurium offline payment service introduced in Forbes, it also has partnerd with Kyber Network. From August 2018, EOS payment will be possible in 400 offline shops in Korea.


We are looking for talented people to work with us. The positions are as below, and for those who is interested, please contact eosys@eosys.io at anytime.

Communication Manager (KR/EN/CN)
EOS / Blockchain Researcher
Global Biz. Dev.
C++ Developer

Thank you,

Website: http://eosys.io
Medium: https://medium.com/eosys
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eosys
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@EOSYS_IO
Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/EOSYSIO
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