Freebies from huby!

Free EOS account creation event

Hello, EOS Community!

Thanks for your patience.

We are EOSYS, the EOS Block Producer in Chain Partners. Today ‘huby’ who is the representative character of is going to give you all a freebie EOS account! This event is supported by EOSDAQ and EOSYS together, and will be done until 500 EOS is all used up. First come, first served (up to 1,000 people). So let’s go and get a free EOS account now!

Time: UTC 8AM on 13th November
1) Go to eoshub website
2) Click ‘Create Free Account’ button on the main page
- Enter account name
- Create and save key pairs
- Verify Email address
- Agree to the EOS constitution
4) Continue with ‘Create Account’ button
5) Now you have your own EOS account

For account name, only 12 characters - lowercase letter and number (1~5) — are possible.

Thanks to the EOSDAQ for sponsoring the free account creation event.

EOSDAQ, Decentralized Exchange

EOSDAQ is the EOS and on-chain based Decentralized Exchange (DEX). We set the standard for DEX by providing the safest and most user-friendly platform to trade EOS-based tokens. We have launched our beta service on 24th October and will list more tokens and update UI next week.
1) Upcoming change on UI (trading-friendly)
2) Email requirement for sign up/in removed

eoshub, toolkit service platform

eoshub is the UX-focused EOS toolkit service platform. In contrast to the other toolkit platform, eoshub make it easy and fun for users to experience EOS functions through intuitive UI. We are currently providing functions such as token transfer, vote, CPU/NET managing, RAM market, and account search. We will strengthen our identity as a ‘hub’ by combining differentiated service rather than simple toolkit services.

1) Support to preview other token retention when transferring
2) Add functions of account key pair change and sub-account creation
3) Bug fixes and minor improvements