The 1st DApp Development Contest (EN)

Sep 3, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hello, we are founding block producer, EOSYS.
Today, we launch DAPP STUDIO to foster DApp ecosystem! — For more information about DAPP STUDIO, please see this article.

DAPP STUDIO is holding the 1st DApp Contest!

The EOS ecosystem directly connects to the DApp ecosystem. Many teams are working on DApp projects, but the DApps that are being developed are lacking in quantity. There are a variety of reasons, but we think the biggest reason is that the current blockchain technology is still at its embryonic stage, while DApp developers envision creating a fully developed DApp. It is as if smartphones were launched for the first time, and people are struggling to develop apps that contain real-time location information, navigation, and Uber in one single app.

Ultimately, decentralized version of Uber should be created. We have been thinking about what we can do to help developers who are struggling because of the clear technological limitations of blockchain. We have concluded that letting developers produce a lot of DApps that can be made now even though they could be necessary and straightforward, rather than high performative is the way of activating the DApp ecosystem. Based on such progress and a large quantity of DApps, we believe that the development of higher-level DApps on developed platforms is possible.

So DAPP STUDIO is hosting the first DApp Contest to reward DApps that will be developed within the current technological boundaries. The DApps you create will make examples and serve as a bridge to the escalation of blockchain technology. So if you have any good ideas, please do not hesitate to join.

Competition Subjects and Topics

  • Competition Subject: EOS-based DApp
  • Competition Topic: Free Topic— Topics such as games, education, social networking, transportation, and the arts.

Decision Criteria


Excellence Award

  • A total of three teams selected that develop DApps satisfying the criteria
  • 4,500 EOS Awards and DAPP STUDIO Registration
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Special prize

  • DApp teams that meet some of the criteria in the decision standards (the number of selected teams is not yet determined)
  • 500 EOS Awards per team


  • Please submit the “application form
  • You need to fill in your team name, team contact, members’ information, members contacts

2. DApp submission deadline: 03.Sep.2018 (KST 00:00) ~ 08.Dec.2018 (KST 23:59)

  • Click to submit the“submission form
  • You need to submit one-page proposal of your DApp, A simple design document, Source code, and Project link

3. DApp internal review: 10.Dec.2018 ~ 23.Dec.2018

4. Result Announcement: 24.Dec.2018 (KST 12:00)

  • Results will be announced via EOSYS medium, and winners will be contacted separately.

Instructions for Participation (Must Read)

  • The DApp project submitted should not be released until the date of the announcement of the results.
  • Entry of works won in other contests is prohibited. Such teams will be automatically disqualified.
  • We do not limit the number of projects submitted by a single team, but individuals cannot duplicate the project of the team.
  • The participant owns the copyright of the projects submitted in this competition.
  • It is prohibited to infringe the copyrights (typography, images, etc.) of others, or to accept plagiarism and surrogacy without permission of the copyright owner, and the participant (team) has all responsibility for the occurrence of related disputes such as portrait right violations.
  • Entries must be able to run on web (Windows browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) or mobile os (iOS, Android).
  • Responsibility for the follow-up management of the selected works belongs to the participant. The winning works must be up and running for at least six months after being registered on DAPP STUDIO.
  • EOSYS can request the source code of the excellent DApp that will be uploaded to the DAPP STUDIO. EOSYS promises that the source code will never be used without the consent of the developer(s).

We will look forward to your participation.
Thank you



Founding Block Producer of EOS Mainnet in Chain Partners

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