End of Tenancy Cleaning in London, the Legal Side!

When moving into a new rental house, as a tenant you have a right to a very clean house or apartment. The hygiene conditions of this property should be well maintained at all times since as a tenant you are paying for the best conditions. And as a tenant you ought to keep the place as clean as possible and clean it up before leaving the place. Upon introduction of end of tenancy cleaning services, it is important to keep in mind that there are a couple of legal involvement that come along with it. Below is a highlight of the legal side of end of tenancy cleaning in London.

· The extent of cleaning

This helps to carefully state who needs to clean what and at what time and what legal actions can be taken when they fail. As mentioned earlier a tenant has all the right to ask a landlord to clean the place well before they move in. Upon payment of the rent and the deposit, the landlord on the other hand has all the right not to return the deposit money in full. This may happen if the tenant does not do an end of tenancy cleaning service before they move out. Also the landlord has all the right to charge any bill involving cleaning up of the areas that have been kept untidy by a tenant and risks pest infestations or diseases. Some responsibilities for shared apartments like mowing the garden and cutting the grass is the responsibility of the landlord and should be done effectively.

· End of tenancy cleaning services from companies is optional

The landlord cannot at any time force you to get professional end of tenancy cleaning services when you move out. This is because the landlord can’t dictate the capabilities of your pocket. However, maximum cleanliness and washing the place up is expected. If you are going to do the whole thorough cleaning by yourself is not an issue.in some extreme rare cases, the landlord may include a mandatory clause that insists on professional cleaning. This should be highlighted prior to any payments and the landlord must make sure that you are okay with the agreement. Otherwise you can look for another place if the clause is too demanding because failure to holding the end of the deal may result to legal involvements and charges.

· End of tenancy cleaning guarantees deposit money

This is something that both the tenant and the landlord agree upon. The cleaning clause is also highlighted on which specific parts of the house should be cleaned and to what extent. It doesn’t matter what means of cleaning is used as long as there was no agreed one then the deposit money should be refunded in full upon cleaning, the tenant has all the rights to seek legal help if the landlord fails to refund the money on time.

· Keep all the copies of your inventory

Inventories and receipts serve as evidence in case there is a disagreement about the end of tenancy cleaning dispute. The inventory supports any of your statements and shows all the areas that a hired company cleaned or you cleaned by yourself.

It should be noted that whenever you want to hire an end of tenancy cleaning company, careful choice should be made. The choice should be well thought and arrived at with guarantee of high quality and maximum service delivery. This is because your deposit entirely depends on the service that will be rendered and if the landlord will be pleased or not. The landlord has to be convinced by the kind of service to be able to release the deposit money in full.

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