Google launches Android tips & tricks minisite

Google has launched a new website, which contains the tips and tricks regarding the features of Android OS. For now, the site contains 48 tips and tricks, but surely, more of them will be added in the near future.

The website covers quite a lot of Android’s features. For instance, tips on how to use voice commands to control your phone, how to customize/personalize your phone, and how to locate your lost phone. Also, there are also tips on how to make your phone more secure, and also more importantly how to stay away from malware that might be disguising itself as an app, which is one of the main causes for Android phones to get infected.

The site covers multiple facets of Android including:

  • Privacy and Security
  • Voice (interaction)
  • Camera and Photo
  • Battery
  • Customization
  • Apps and
  • Settings

This is a good initiative by Google, making the whole process a lot smoother for the users, who are switching to android from other OS.

Source: Google

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