Introductory Letter — August 1, 2017

Today the legislation put forth by the Baker Administration to secure and modernize the Commonwealth’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and services takes effect. The new law establishes the Executive Office of Technology Services & Security (EOTSS) as the Commonwealth’s lead technology office, replacing the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT). I am proud and honored to announce that the Governor has asked me to lead this change as Secretary of EOTSS and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Commonwealth. As I take on this role, I am reminded of the importance of the many leaders across state government who helped consider and structure this new organization.

With this in mind, I would like to first thank all of you — our valued IT employees, Secretariat leadership, and stakeholders — for your support in moving this significant initiative forward. The Commonwealth’s Secretariat CIOs — Faye Boardman (EEA), Ellen Christy (HED), Gary Foster (MassDOT/MBTA), Mike Guerin (ANF), Alda Rego (EHS), Kim Rice (EOE), Karthik Viswanathan (LWD), and Curt Wood (EOPSS) — have been extraordinary partners and guiding forces in these efforts.

Today marks an important milestone, and it is only the first step in our journey forward. Over the next 24 months, EOTSS will transform the Commonwealth’s decentralized IT infrastructure and service delivery. We will become a new centralized technology organization that focuses on securing the Commonwealth’s digital assets and providing world-class service delivery to our customers and constituents. Working collaboratively and cooperatively leads to better outcomes for government and the public. In short, we are better together, and we need your help getting there.

EOTSS Fiscal Year 2018 Objectives

We have updated our mission to align with the goals and objectives of our new organization.

EOTSS mission: To provide secure and quality digital information, services, and tools to constituents and service providers when and where they need them.

With your continued support and engagement, we will be better positioned to achieve our key objectives for Fiscal Year 2018:

  1. Enhance the cybersecurity of the Commonwealth by bringing Secretariats onto a centrally managed and monitored Commonwealth network
  2. Provision up to half of executive branch employee mailboxes onto Office 365, and disseminate associated policies for the platform (e.g. One Drive, SharePoint policies)
  3. Continue to make progress in rationalizing our server base and data center consolidation
  4. Modernize desktop support onto a single platform and single support organization
  5. Centralize the procurement and administration of standardized desktop and laptop devices
  6. Create a new model for digital services that puts constituents first, with a majority of traffic served on the new at a high conversion rate (i.e. people finding what they’re looking for)
  7. Actively measure service levels and ensure network availability above FY17 levels
  8. Centralize data and telecommunications spend management
  9. Foster an environment for data-driven policy making by partnering with an agency to drive one major data study
  10. Operationalize our finance, human resources, procurement, and legal shared services

Enhancing Our Cybersecurity Posture

The rapidly evolving nature of data breaches, hacks, and cyber-warfare remains ever present for the Commonwealth and grows in both variety and complexity. A strong focus on security requires modern standards and policies for the Commonwealth.

To that end, over the next few days we will begin distributing key administrative directives that introduce changes to our IT security policies. Specifically, this initial set of directives will focus on improvements to identity and access management, server security, and network device security. Throughout the fall, we will distribute a second set targeting enterprise security policies, cloud transformation, and data centers. Please look for this initial set of administrative directives on security. We need your help in taking immediate action on these important reforms.

Priority Workstreams

EOTSS will focus on three primary workstreams, enhancing our security, productivity, and cost effectiveness while modernizing IT delivery.

  • One Network: Consolidate approximately 18 separately managed networks into one centrally managed and monitored network
  • Modernized Desktop: Modernize desktop devices with a single enterprise standard, centrally procured and administered, with a suite of productivity tools and a single support organization
  • Server/Application Rationalization: Decommission vulnerable systems and modernize supporting systems for business applications

In order to launch these workstreams we are putting in place a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO will work with you to implement these important changes over the next 24 months. Input from and close collaboration with experts within each Secretariat will be crucial to the success of these workstreams. Your active participation is required to make this transition successful.

I would like to reassure everyone that there will not be any immediate staffing changes, nor will any occur in the future without conversations between Secretariat leadership, HR Directors, and union leadership.

Going Forward

In the next few weeks and coming months, we will work in close coordination with each Secretariat to establish appropriate timelines for the implementation of these key objectives. As we move forward, we will provide regular communication regarding our collective progress and continue to update the Medium webpage. Additionally, you can email or call (617) 660–8324 with your questions and ideas.

We are committed to ensuring the Commonwealth’s success, and we ask the same from each of you. With your support and engagement, we will succeed in providing the high quality of security and digital services the citizens of Massachusetts deserve, making every interaction with government easier, faster, and more secure.

With heartfelt thanks,




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Executive Office of Technology Services & Security

Executive Office of Technology Services & Security

To provide secure and quality digital information, services, and tools to constituents and service providers when and where they need them.