Safer Choice Label Helps Consumers Protect Families

We all care about making our homes safer for our kids and our pets. But when it comes to household products, it’s hard to know which ones really contain safer ingredients.

That’s why EPA created the Safer Choice label, which can help you find household products made with ingredients that are safer for our families, pets, and the environment. When you see the label, you know each ingredient has been rigorously reviewed by EPA and meets our criteria for safety and performance.

So far, feedback has been spectacular. Last summer, Consumer Reports released survey data showing nearly half of American consumers would be willing to pay more for safer products. But the great news is, they don’t have to.

A price comparison study found that Safer Choice labeled products are cost-competitive — usually costing about the same as cleaners without the label, and sometimes costing even less.

Today, nearly 500 partner companies and more than 2,000 products qualify to carry the Safer Choice label, and you can find them on store shelves nationwide. Keeping our homes safer while we keep them clean is a priority for all of us. The Safer Choice label helps us all identify safer options for our families.

That’s EPA Forward.

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