Design Process? Not.

We are often asked what our design process is. Our answer: we don’t have one.

We use a toolkit of design-led strategies that enable us to understand business and user problems and develop creative, innovative solutions that are customized: tailored to suit the unique situations we find when we immerse ourselves in a new project.

We have no set process because no two projects are the same. Bringing a ‘one size fits all’ approach to what we do would seriously limit the insights and solutions we bring to our clients.

What we cultivate is a mindset that allows us to follow a design thinking, user-centered approach that results in lasting transformation and innovation for our clients along with their external and internal users.

Our toolkit is broad ranging and sophisticated. It allows us to deep dive, quickly get up to speed on complex business ecosystems, map and analyze before creating a strategic vision and roadmap that transforms how our clients do business, how they approach their projects and their users. We draw what is needed from our toolkit for each project, and simply use that.

Thinking solely in terms of a design process is limiting. With a process our team would be caught up in ‘what should come next’ not on asking ‘what is needed here?’. Using a mindset rather than a process allows us to be agile, empathetic, identify needs and pain points, respond swiftly, innovate and iterate.