Compassion Tyrants

Compassion tyrants make everyone uncomfortable by discarding intellectual differences, instead of leveraging them for everyone’s benefit. Sep 29

Assertiveness is discarded with the sexist equivocation of mansplaining. Leadership is discarded with the sexist equivocation of patriarchy. Sep 29

As a group forms, positions are assumed organically and consensually based on people’s skills and temperaments. Sep 29

The group succeeds from the success of its individuals. So naturally they leverage each others strengths for their and the group’s benefit. Sep 29

Introducing racist sexist quotas to handicap people based on their identity groups, benefits the undeserved to the detriment of the group. Sep 29

Or more accurately benefits the insolent at the detriment of the group. Those who respect individuality, do not win from group prejudices. Sep 29

This is all done in the name of compassion! Sep 29

Compassion however is identifying individual strengths and weaknesses then optimising for them, not ignoring them! Sep 29

Taking opportunity away from the deserved to give to the insolent, just lets you starve with your delusional virtue. Sep 29

If a person produces 10 meals, eats 5, and gives 4 to the rest. For the rest to get more meals, they should assist production, not steal from it. Sep 29

To apply racist sexist math to this equation to redistribute meals is absurd, and disrespects the foundations of individual accomplishment. Sep 30

Let a fish climb a tree if it wants, but don’t pretend its struggle is due to oppression by those who can climb trees. Sep 30

Okay, the next point fails to be explained in 140 characters. It is about conflating great determination with poor results. Sep 30

And tragedy if the fish wanted to be a swimmer, but climbed trees out of obligation to a (delusional and falsely compassionate) ideology. Sep 30

Often ideologies espouse false compassion with you can be do have anything you want, and if you’re terrible, it’s others fault never yours. Sep 30

Cognitive dissonance is a mismatch between one’s actual self, should self, and ideal self. Exacerbating such mismatches does not help people. Sep 30

Gender dysphoria, seems a mismatch between actual self (sex) & ideal self (gender). Acting like a man (gender) does not make you male (sex). Sep 30

Teaching children gender theory seems to do nothing but optimise for such confusion — they are not yet old enough to have adult gender roles. Sep 30

One may pose, let children wear any gendered clothes they want. However that seems only to optimise for sex/gender mismatch — a sad affliction. Sep 30

While they are not able to manifest gender roles, then optimising for sex-gender conformance seems only option to reduce mismatch affliction. Sep 30

One may pose, if society destroyed genders, it would eliminate the affliction of mismatches. However biological differences arise gender too. Sep 30

For no gender, you would have to adrogynise biology, which would only increase sex gender mismatches, as it suppresses sex gender expression. Sep 30

Female contraceptives do this. Not just biologically but also socially. Women having sex without pregnancy, accept more masculine gender. Sep 30

Gender only has meaning not when it is whatever you subjectively wish it to be, but when it’s the statistical similarity that arise in a sex. Sep 30

Things outside the masculine and female genders, would not be gender, but just personality, just like how there are more agreeable males. Sep 30

As a follow up, I’d highly suggest finding out your own personality traits via Here are my results.