Truth, Debate, Ego

Truth evades those who scurry from the merciless arena of debate. Losers & winners grow stronger with sportsmanship. 21/11/16, 10:31 pm

Evading disagreement only helps if debate isn’t possible. If it is possible, worst outcome is someone is corrected, best outcome is it’s you. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

As being corrected is far better than correcting another. As being wrong is far worse than someone else being wrong. Celebrate corrections! 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

Ideas may falter, egos may cry. Fix in yourself how you deceived yourself. No one else can. Continuing deception, keeps all weak, helps none. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

No one died from words alone that they did not like. But they have died at the hands of hurt abusive egos, and hurt suicidal egos. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

Your ego hurting is not anyone’s fault but your own for hurting yourself with your own thoughts. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

How your mind processes input into your mind is your responsibility. It has no ability to be anyone else’s. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

Challenging thoughts initiate cognitive dissonance, whether you grow from that or regress from that is up to you alone. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

I myself learned this from being verbally abused to self harm years ago. Speech does not hurt, egos do, remove egos from thought, do well. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

If ego falters. Escape, stop, recover, question why, question yourself, question life, revaluate all the things, research, and grow anew. 21/11/16, 10:32 pm

Don’t wait for nor expect the world to change when you can improve yourself. Others can water your own agency, but up to you to grow it. 21/11/16, 10:33 pm