What people don’t see

I think perspective is like a colour spectrum.

When you see someone, you can only see the colours of their external spectrum that relate to your own internal spectrum, unknowingly disregarding the rest.

What do I like, what do I dislike, what can help me?

When expectations no longer align:

This is a side of you that I had not anticipated…

This is an unfortunate necessity of life and death. Our input is limited at any given time, if it wasn’t, then we would become too overloaded with input to be able to make the critical quick decisions, like “is that a tiger? should I run?” or even any decision for that matter “what should I have for dinner tonight?”.

Where this necessity becomes an unfortunate reality, is at the realisation that others are only absorbing only a fraction of the colours of your infinitely broad spectrum of whom you really are, leaving the majority of your internal reality spectrum, completely unchecked, unnoticed, unrelated, and most importantly, disconnected, from the reality of others.

For how do you communicate what others have unknowingly chosen not to see?

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