When truth & words hurt, revise your ego

Truth evades those who scurry from the merciless arena of debate. Losers & winners grow stronger with sportsmanship. Nov 21

Evading disagreement only helps if debate is not possible. If debate is possible, then the worst outcome is that someone is corrected, the best outcome is that it is you. Nov 21

As being corrected is far better than correcting another. As being wrong is far worse than someone else being wrong. Celebrate corrections! Nov 21

Ideas may falter, egos may cry. Fix in yourself how you deceived yourself. No one else can. Continuing deception, keeps all weak, helps none. Nov 21

No one died from words alone that they did not like. But they have died at the hands of hurt abusive egos, and hurt suicidal egos. Nov 21

Your ego hurting is not anyone’s fault but your own for hurting yourself with your own thoughts. Nov 21

How your mind processes input into your mind is your responsibility. It has no ability to be anyone else’s. Nov 21

Challenging thoughts initiate cognitive dissonance, whether you grow from that or regress from that is up to you alone. Nov 21

I myself learned this from being verbally abused to self harm years ago. Speech does not hurt, egos do, remove egos from thought, do well. Nov 21

If ego falters. Escape, stop, recover, question why, question yourself, question life, revaluate all the things, research, and grow anew. Nov 21

Don’t wait for nor expect the world to change when you can improve yourself. Others can water your own agency, but up to you to grow it. Nov 21