Think Clearly, Then Act

I rarely remember my dreams, but I woke with one this morning that seems worth sharing:

I’d left my car in the shop and taken a taxi home. Somehow I had a key to the side door of the shop and had gone in after hours to leave the car. Home in this dream was my parent’s place, and by the time I got home I couldn’t remember locking the side door of the shop, so I was trying to get the owner’s phone number from my mother because it turned out he was a friend of hers. She was doing something and wasn’t appreciating the urgency of the situation, and I was getting irate. Dad enters the dream and delivers the wisdom:
“First, don’t talk to your mother in that tone. Second, if you don’t know how you left the door then your first and only problem is getting back there to fix it. All you’re doing now is delaying yourself, and trying to create an excuse for later where you can blame your mother for not giving you the phone number quickly enough. What you need to do is get your phone, keys and wallet and get back in a cab. Figure the rest out on the way.”

What I took away is:

  1. Be honest with yourself and think clearly about the problem at hand.
  2. Do what is necessary to fix the problem you’re facing
  3. By all means ask for help, but don’t do it in a way that tries to shirk responsibility or hand the problem off to someone else.

What is your take-away?

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