Epic Cash CLI Wallet Tutorial

Michael Freeman
Sep 10, 2019 · 6 min read

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This tutorial covers CLI (non-GUI) wallet setup and sending and receiving Epic Cash with Transaction Files and HTTP Listener. The CLI command list can be found at the article end. If you’re looking to mine Epic Cash, please check out the Windows or Linux mining tutorials.

Download Files (for Windows)

To send and receive on Windows, you need Epic wallet and server.

Setup Wallet and Server (for Windows)

Write down your 24-word recovery seed phrase and confirm it was written down properly. It is used to recover your wallet and should not be shared with others.

To view balance on Windows, open epic-wallet folder and run epic-wallet-info (bat file).

To restore an existing wallet.seed file, move the file to C:\Users\USERNAME\.epic\main\wallet_data, wait until full synchronization, and run epic-wallet-check (bat file).

Full blockchain synchronization takes several hours from scratch. When the Header Chain Height and Chain Height match, your wallet is synchronized.

Download and Install Files (for Linux)

To send and receive on Linux, you need Epic wallet and server.

Setup Wallet and Server (for Linux)

To view balance on Linux, run command:
epic-wallet info

Send and Receive with Transaction Files

To send Epic Cash with Transaction File:

To receive Epic Cash with Transaction File:

Receive and Send with HTTP Listener

The HTTP Listener requires 3415 to be open. You can use Canyouseeme.org to verify you have successfully opened the port.

To receive Epic Cash with HTTP Listener:

To send Epic Cash with HTTP Listener:

Run this command:
epic-wallet send -d “http://RecipientIP:3415” EpicCashAmount
Example of sending 555.555 Epic Cash to IP at port 3415:
epic-wallet send -d “” 555.555

If the recipient’s Epic Cash wallet is actively HTTP listening, the transaction should complete in under 10 seconds. If the recipient’s Epic Cash wallet is not listening, your wallet will attempt to send the transaction for up to ~one minute before timing out.

CLI Command List

Wallet Options and Functions in Command Prompt

-a, --account <account>
Wallet account to use for this operation [default: default]

-r, --api_server_address <api_server_address>
Api address of running node on which to check inputs and post transactions

-d, --data_dir <data_dir>
Directory in which to store wallet files

-p, --pass <pass>
Wallet passphrase used to encrypt wallet seed


account      List wallet accounts or create a new accountcancel       Cancels a previously created transaction, freeing previously locked outputs for use againcheck        Checks a wallet's outputs against a live node, repairing and restoring missing outputs if requiredfinalize     Processes a receiver's transaction file to finalize a transfer.help         Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)info         Basic wallet contents summaryinit         Initialize a new wallet seed file and databaseinvoice      Initialize an invoice transaction.listen       Runs the wallet in listening mode waiting for transactionsoutputs      Raw wallet output info (list of outputs)owner_api    Runs the wallet's local web APIpay          Spend coins to pay the provided invoice transactionreceive      Processes a transaction file to accept a transfer from a senderrecover      Recover a wallet.seed file from a recovery phrase (default) or displays a recovery phrase for an existing seed filerepost       Reposts a stored, completed but unconfirmed transaction to the chain, or dumps it to a filerestore      Restores a wallet contents from a seed filesend         Builds a transaction to send coins and sends to the specified listener directlytxs          Display transaction information

Instructions for canceling a stuck transaction (.bat file method)

Instructions for canceling a stuck transaction (Command Prompt/text file method)

Epic Cash

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