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Epic Cash — Understanding and communicating our meaning and potential

Why do we need a slogan, or a unified message? Are we not a decentralized, private crypto without borders? Why do we need to centralize and narrowly define ourselves? To what people, in what language? Why are we pointing inward at the people who are already here instead outward at the world that isn’t with us yet? Everyone is their own raindrop making their own splash and their own waves…

First, how do we all see things differently?
Imagine a rock. When you look at it you see some of its uses based on who you are. Maybe you use it to hammer in nails, maybe you use it and many others like it to build a fireplace, or a fence, our a house, maybe you place it in wavy sand and meditate about it, or maybe you throw it through a window or at someone’s head. The choice is yours. Imagine when someone says, here is a rock and it can only be used to hammer in nails… That’s it, just nails. How does this make you feel? What if you had to explain what to do with a rock to someone who never seen it? Do you think they will find it more useful if you just tell them about nails, or other uses based on your real experiences?

Who are we?
We are many people, with many voices, we speak many languages across the entire world. To each one of us Epic Cash means something different, because of our culture, our education, our system of beliefs, our socioeconomic status, our education and so on. People are better conveying a message they understand and one they believe in, instead of repeating something that someone else pushed on them.

What about a central message?
The power of Epic Cash is not in some concise tag line in one language that one person came up with. Epic Cash is like a dandelion, a collection of florets bound in their uniformity by the Mimblewimble algorithm, blown across the Internet by the winds of necessity and enlightened self-interest, but that’s where the similarity ends — every floret is unique in shape and purpose. Even with the choice of three mining algorithms we are all inclusive to CPU, GPU and even ASIC miners. Similar but unique!

Don’t we have objective specs?
We have a set of data points that can help you explain better, things like Responsible Emission, Fungibility, Privacy, Security, Value, Unstoppable crypto without borders, etc… But to breathe life into those specs, You need to put them into context that You understand for yourself so You can explain it to others. This is why there is no such thing as too many Epic Cash videos on various topics — because every new video or piece of content has a chance to reach new audience in terms of understanding. Even reaching the same people but with a differently tailored message may finally achieve understanding. Honesty is key, and it has to be what you believe in.

What is it all about anyway?
We are not a pump and dump moonshot; we are aiming to be the first privacy crypto to hit Top Five. Its easy to pump a crypto, but then it breaks and comes down and then the pump and dump crowd moves to the next project to make noise and a quick buck — that’s not Epic Cash. We are not building a product, we are building a platform, a layer inside the global environment. The value will come gradually with our growth and because the growth is real, the value will not be breakable. That said, we are not saying that you will have to wait for years, like some cryptos, to realize your gains. Cryptos that tell you to shut up and HODL while their devs are dumping quietly are not long for the world. The value of Epic Cash will increase with the level of its spread and in this everyone will have a chance to contribute.

Why did you come to Epic Cash?
If you came here to change and re-shape it, please don’t! People who are already in the project are here for their own reasons, do not try to impose your vision to change them. Instead, the only thing that matters is to carry Your Own Vision of Epic Cash into the World. Because you can easier explain what you really believe to others than what someone told you to memorize and explain. People have more power than they realize, partially because of laziness, fear or stupidity. This is not to say they are stupid, but those self-imposed limitations are the prisons of their own minds.

So how can you help yourself and us?
Anyone can create content, in their own words, and in their own language, and reach millions of people! Even explaining why, they are here in the Epic Cash project is content that may resonate with some of their friend and family, even without the Internet. Anyone can support content in Social Media — Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Bitcointalk, and so on and so on. I am against shilling, but for educating — we are not selling crap, we are not selling a product, we are offering an idea and a method that we believe in. Do not speak in slogans, tell people how you really feel about Epic Cash and why You think its interesting and important from Your point of view.

Who the hell is this opinionated author?
I am just a part of the project, I have decades of marketing, business development, and branding experience, and I know this movement is unstoppable if everyone does their part in their own way. My words are not gospel, they are merely my words that may resonate with some of you. I am not trying to force your way of thinking to my own, but to unlock and free your own thinking. We are like a tidal wave spreading across the entire world, anyone can benefit from us and no one can stop us. Like water if you use it you get life and power, if you try to stop it you erode and suffer.



Epic Cash is designed to be a currency for everyone, and combines the privacy-protecting MimbleWimble protocol with sound economics and fair distribution.

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