Last week in Epic Cash News 9/1/19–9/8/19 — Mainnet Launch!

R.L. Bryer
Sep 8 · 5 min read

Last week was another great week for the Epic Cash Community and Family and was highlighted by launch of Epic Cash Mainnet! After almost 2 years of intensive work and dedication from our community, Epic blockchain went live on 9/2/19. This was only the start of something special but we want to thank everyone that’s put in long hours and hard work to make this happen. #FreemanFamily

Here are some of the latest Epic blockchain statistics:

To learn more, check out our block explorer over at:

Episode #8 of The Epic Cash Podcast with Kyle Kemper. Kyle speaks with R.L. Bryer about growing up in Canada in a political family, finding about Bitcoin through a customer in a restaurant while working, writing ‘The Unified Wallet’, Epic Cash, decentralized dance parties, launching his cryptocurrency wallet ‘Swiss Key’ and much more!

Twitter: @kylekemper / @rbryer23

Our first African brick and mortar office is being finalized. This is just the beginning of our work in Africa. The first African office is pictured below, in Ghana.

Our first office in Ghana for Epic Cash Community Members

Max Freeman of Epic Cash Community — Interview 9.3.19

Interview with Max Freeman of Epic Cash Community

1.] You were one of the first members in the Epic Cash community, how rewarding is it to see mainnet go live?
Max: I began working on this project back in 2017, so for me, personally, this was a long road. I believe I now have a greater understanding of what giving birth to a baby is like! We had some hiccups in the launch, but we got it done in the end. I’m extremely proud of how well we all came together to get this done. We’ve had dozens to hundreds of people working 24/7 basically all year, and created something truly special.

2.] Over the course of this project, now, more than 2 years invested in the time and sweat equity, what surprised you the most from seeing it grow up seed to bloom?
Max: What surprised me most was how hard the community stuck together, even when times were hard. It’s really renewed my faith in open source community projects.

3.] What did you learn about teamwork and the blockchain space over the course of this experience?
Max: We have been fortunate to benefit from the contributions of a great number of independent community members. I marvel at the decentralized communication and organization structure that we use to execute. There is no core team, there’s no company, there’s no office to go to. We rely entirely on existing digital communication networks, creating many tiny working groups that focus on some aspect. Everything is achieved by independent people working together, the bulk of whom are volunteers. The way we work is very similar to how Monero works, which is a community and coin that I respect tremendously. There is no Satoshi or Vitalik or Blockstream of Epic, and I believe that’s a major strength.
We are excited to take this to the next level with our Community Developer Program, which we hope to launch soon. The goal is to get 100 distinct contributors of a variety of skill levels to come in and help some way to improve the code base. We are modeling it after the hugely successful Linux Janitor Project, which has been important to the strength of that platform over the years.

4.] This is just the beginning for Epic Cash, what can you tell us that isn’t confidential amongst the community building this project, what’s next?
Max: Overall, usability and actual usage in commerce. We want to get the currency actually used as money at point of sale in everyday life. The always out of reach “Bitcoin for coffee” dream.
Short term, we expect that pools will begin within the next week, and there are already a couple very solid smaller exchanges that are going to list the coin! Exchanges are key in getting Epic out to the community at large for those that want to use it, but don’t want to mine.
There are other elements in the pipeline as well that the community hopes to create. Like building out an EPIC Economy around decentralized uncensorable open blockchains that are interconnected in various ways. However, right now, the main focus needs to be on the day to day basics — a solid chain is paramount, and it just launched.

5.] Where would you like to see Epic Cash this time next year?
Max: I would like to see the coin be recognized as a pure, fair-launched, community-driven cryptocurrency that is actually used in commerce, not just hodled — a true market changer.

R.L. Bryer on Khabir’s Moroccan Crypto Show Talking Epic Cash
Khabir and R.L. talk about what makes Epic Cash different from other crypto projects, why cryptocurrencies and Epic Cash are so important to humanity, Epic Cash Epicenters, Epic’s Tree Planting Program across Africa, decentralizing Epic Cash through our community members across the world, Epic Cash being the first cryptocurrency that mixes privacy and gets token economics right and much more, please check it out!

To learn more about Epic Cash check out our links below:
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Epic Cash

Epic Cash is designed to be a currency for everyone, and combines the privacy-protecting MimbleWimble protocol with sound economics and fair distribution.

R.L. Bryer

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Author of Blockchain: Project Renaissance I & II.

Epic Cash

Epic Cash

Epic Cash is designed to be a currency for everyone, and combines the privacy-protecting MimbleWimble protocol with sound economics and fair distribution.

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