EPIC Coin is now live on MyNodePool by the Linda Project

Pool your EPIC Coins for maximum returns if you can’t run a masternode

MyNodePool is part of the LINDA PROJECT and offers an awesome and super secure way to stake your EPIC Coins if you don’t have enough for a masternode right now!


Higher Return then operating on your own — By pooling your coins you are able to get a higher return, this is due to the blockchain rewarding larger coin holdings. You are also able to participate in a masternode (depending on the coin) which give a larger return than regular staking.

Cost Savings — Industry leading returns! Compare our returns to other pools and see why we have the best return in the industry. MyNodePool is run by a people who are passionate about cryptocurrency and maximising your returns. An all-inclusive fee of only 5% can actually save you on the costs associated with PoS coins. Eg VPS charges, electricity charges

Security of your coins — MyNodePool uses the Lindacoin webwallet to provide industry leading security for your coins.

Stress Free — Deposit your coins without the hassle of downloading wallets, bootstrapping and trying to perform coin control. Everything is taken care of and you can easily check in and see your rewards.

Deposit or Withdraw Anytime — Place deposits or withdrawals anytime 24/7. Keep adding to your holding or request a withdrawal when its needed most.

Discover the magic of compound interest — Find the magic of compound interest by letting your coins accumulate. Immediately on payout, your reward coins are working for you increasing your return. So now if you don’t have enough $EPIC for a #Masternode just pool it with others! And maximise your staking as a team!

JOIN HERE AND START POOLING TODAY! https://www.mynodepool.com/