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Our Services — Epic Pharmacy

We provide the following services to our patients at Epic Pharmacy -

1. Prior Authorization Assistance (PAA)

This is a service which makes sure that you, your provider and insurance company are on the same page. This practice is usually applied by insurance providers to see whether a medical procedure, medication or service is actually necessary.

Basically, providers have to fill out a prior authorization form when requesting a new service, medication or procedure. This is to help patients with cost-cutting and saving time when they get treatment for their ailments.

Prior Authorization Process (PC — HIT Consultant)

The main reasons insurance companies insist on prior authorization is because of the patient’s age, medical necessity, generic drugs which can act as alternatives for brand name medicines, or checking for patient’s response to a prescribed drug.

At Epic Pharmacy, we are in contact with your provider as well as insurer to maintain a seamless PAA experience.

Prior Authorization Assistance by Epic Pharmacy

2. Financial Assistance

We at Epic Pharmacy, believe that healthcare is everyone’s right. Unfortunately, the healthcare business has been plagued by wealthy businessman who make the healthcare process unnecessarily difficult.

Financial Assistance at Epic Pharmacy

To counter this, the government and various non-profit organizations have introduced many initiatives & programs. These initiatives aim to reduce the cost of healthcare for people all over the country.

Therefore, we partner with medical professionals dedicated to finding ways to help you get medical attention at reduced costs.

3. Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

No one should have to beg for basic healthcare. Therefore, we at Epic Pharmacy, have pledged to work with lower income patients for them to get the required medical attention.

Low income groups are either uninsured or under-insured and need guidance to navigate various medical formalities. Our patient assistance program(PAP) helps such individuals get the required help from us and their providers.

Patient Assistance Programs at Epic Pharmacy

We help individuals get quality healthcare because we’re not a common pharmacy. We put our patients first!

For inquiries, email us at epicrx@epicpharmacyokc.com. Call us toll-free at 888–688–0054.

We care for you



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