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What is Patient Authorization Assistance? — Epic Pharmacy

A patient authorization form acts as a way for a patient’s current healthcare provider to obtain their health records from other providers. This is required legally as per the HIPAA privacy rule.

Patient authorization form

The authorization form should clearly state that the patient understands and agrees to everything stated in that form and has no issue disclosing their PHI (protected health information) for purposes other than treatment, payment or healthcare operations.

Some of the reasons where covered entities may use PHI of patients are:

  1. For purposes other than those specified by the HIPAA privacy rule.
  2. Marketing purposes

What should a HIPAA authorization form look like?

  1. Description of information that’s going to be used.
  2. Names and information of the persons who are authorized to disclose PHI.
  3. Names and information of the persons who the PHI is being disclosed to.
  4. Purpose for which the PHI is going to be used.
  5. The expiration date till which the PHI will be used.
HIPAA compliance for patient authorization

The same goes for psychotherapy notes and prior substance abuse information about the patient being disclosed to a third party.

We at Epic Pharmacy, help you navigate the prior authorization formalities by offering PAA (prior authorization assistance) to our patients. We interact with their healthcare providers and insurance companies so that they can focus on recovery.



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