#MCM: Remy Banks

Remy Banks is an African born Boston based visual artist whose work ranges from unabashedly depicting the female form to Afro-Futuristic fantastical character creation to painted realistic portraits. He explores the complexities of sexuality and the imagination through both digital art & physical mediums.

Follow Remy on Instagram & Twitter to see his amazing work and to stay up to date on his upcoming art shows. He does have an upcoming art show April 4th- stay tuned for details!

Who has been your most influential mentor?

I do have a list of influential mentors from artists to writers to musicians and filmmakers. As an artist myself, I’ve been able to learn and draw ideas from their works, also different approaches and techniques on how to work on my own craft. Right now my most notable influences are Frank Frazetta(artist), George Lucas (film maker, creator of star wars) , Jay-Z (rapper), Ta-Nehisi Coates (writer).

How did you get where you are today?

I’m a visual artist, thats my most notable talent I’d say. People ask me how long I’ve been drawing for and i always say “ all my life” so I’ve been drawing since Iwas a kid and I’ve always been encouraged by my family and my friends, and just the people who get to see my work, I’ve always been encouraged to be an artist and always take it to the next level. At some point in life I would have done sciences in school because I was good at that also, but its the people around me that made sure I stuck on the artistic path and I’m happy with how that has played out up to this point and with the opportunities I’ve been getting. So to be precise, I’d say I’m here today because of the supportive people around me who encouraged me to do what I really love doing.

So to be precise, I’d say I’m here today because of the supportive people around me who encouraged me to do what I really love doing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be a bigger artist than Iam right now. I hope to be in a position where Ican positively inspire and provide opportunities to other younger artists.

What about this city inspires you?

I’m originally from Africa and Ialways say Boston adopted me! But really I love the history of the city, there’s also a certain pride that comes with being a Bostonian. Our city is known for winning in many aspects and to be from or living around here makes you feel like a champion. That inspires me to be a winner at everything i do.

Boston should be…Recognized more for its creative talents. we have a lot of talent in the city, from art to music to fashion, thats still very anonymous. But I believe we are getting somewhere. Boston should also be more supportive of creative talents. we could use a few more events and programs to really put the spotlight on the creative scene.

Boston could be…Number one on the creative front. With the talents we have around the city, theres definitely enough creativity to propel us right to the top of the tree.

Boston wants to be…Simply the best.

Boston needs…To be more supportive of local talents.

More united in terms of working together as a creatives to get the city the recognition it needs. Cities like Atlanta have set a standard as far as supporting their local artists and working together to get their sound/art out.

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