#WCW: Amanda Schaefer

Photo Credit: Kay Piazza

Amanda Schaefer is a community organizer/poet/host/curator/on-air personality originally from Providence, RI. Inspired by other dominant woman within the community such as Catherine Morris, Irvienne Goldson, Elisa Hamilton, Nina LaNegra , Amanda is able to follow their efforts as an activist for the community as well as standing up for herself and other women everywhere. Starting as a student of law, Amanda transitioned to poetry and then community organizing as it became clear that community building is essential in the city of Boston. Amanda’s mission is to celebrate and collaborate with all people in order to provide artistic expression through healing, safe, expressive inclusive places.

Who has been your most influential mentor?

My mother has been my biggest influence! She raised to always look at things from a neutral, unbiased standpoint. She has gone through several trials and tribulations yet always came out as victorious. My favorite line she says is “when you empty your cup onto the world, you need to remember to fill it back up to empty it out again” (self-care).

“…when you empty your cup onto the world, you need to remember to fill it back up to empty it out again”

How did you get to where you are today?

Amanda hosting her Open Mic HOPE INC

I am able to be where I am today due to vigorous planning, perseverance and support from my community.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Photo Credit: Kay Piazza

In 5 years, I’d like to see myself creating more platforms for our city. I intend on providing more space for workshops for our youth, curating events at bigger venues for all local artists and entrepreneurs as well as continuing to advocate for the disenfranchised people in our community who need assistance obtaining resources.

What about the city inspires you?

The city inspires me everyday through creative expression. Everywhere you turn there’s some form of art either being displayed, built and/or expressed. The city of Boston has a slew of talented people who are not only willing to be vulnerable but there’s a real feeling of love and respect that’s shared between everyone.

Boston should be…

more inclusive! I believe people can be more inclusive once we understand that we all don’t have to have the same beliefs in order to work together to create change.

Boston could be…

the mecca of all cities, deep down I already feel like it is. People travel here from all over the world whether for school, job opportunities, the arts and to view our historic sites. Boston could be the next big platform for assisting those in the city with other opportunities in other places.

Boston wants to be

a mini NY. I say that because most people in the city feel they have to leave in order to be successful however if Boston used their resources/connections and supported more, we would be the city that is viewed as a one that can catapult careers.

Boston needs to be….

less divisive. In order for us to save our city we must be united. I feel we have more work to do.