Who’s down with DTP?

Part I: Notes from an EPIC President

My life revolves around my calendar — more than my phone, my Facebook profile, my saved Snapchat stories, my calendar is the most accurate representation of who I am as a person. (Yes, this statement is kinda sad and yes, I am very much a millenial.)

“Wow Sienna you are soooooo busy. You must be sooooooooo important.”

Yet, for all the effort I have put into creating this organized, systematic assembly of meetings, appointments, and activities, there is very little else to show for my work and for my time. So that is why I am intentionally going to D.T.P.

“What’s DTP?” you may be asking or have now been influenced to ask because you just read this sentence; DTP stands for Documenting the Process.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my design courses it is that no one cares about your end result. Actually that’s not true — the end result is really important. However, an end result doesn’t matter unless you can articulate the stages/steps/iterations/etc that got you there.

With this in mind, and with 1.5 more quarters of being EPIC president, it is my goal to DTP the next few months. Personally, I have three goals (phrased as “How Might We…” questions because **design**) that I want to achieve by the completion of my term:

  1. How might we create a cohesive vision and mission for every program, team, and member in EPIC?
  2. How might we make EPIC valuable to its current members and to the NU entrepreneurship community?
  3. How might we drive a new opportunity to increase the access points to entrepreneurship while also maintaining EPIC’s current initiatives?

So for the next 5 months, while attempting to make these goals into reality, I will also consistently DTP. Every week, I will make at least 1 post dedicated to the process. This is my contract and promise to you.

Please send me feedback on this post. Also, if you have any ideas on something to hold me accountable for the weeks I don’t DTP let me know. I was thinking about putting in $3 every week I don’t post into money for an end of the year EPIC party, but open to other suggestions.