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Epic War x Icetea Labs | Investment & Development Partner

Dear Epiceros, with the coming of our 3D, immersive, NFT marketplace, we have a more big announcement to make today: Icetea Labs not only invests but is also in charge of developing blockchain technology for Epic War.

With great pleasure and appreciation, Epic War welcomes Icetea Labs as a strategic investor, taking yet another critical step toward our ambition of putting the most creative concepts in the role-playing game (RPG) field on the blockchain. Icetea Labs with their GameFi development experience is supporting the integration of blockchain technology into the majestic and great Epic War.

Icetea Labs help creative founders and dynamic teams use decentralization technology to make a long-term beneficial impact. With titles like Faraland, StepHero, Heroverse, and My Master War, Icetea Labs has established itself as a significant blockchain game incubator.

Epic War, the latest project fostered by Icetea Labs, is the ideal blockchain-based game to continue Icetea Labs’ successful incubation chain. We think Icetea Labs’ financial and technical support will help the project move further, bringing Epic War one step closer to becoming the best FPS blockchain game as well as the top of RPGs game on the GameFi ecosystem. Starting from now, Epic War will be a part of Icetea Labs family. The firm will help us grow and flourish by providing partnership development, token economy advice, and marketing.

About Icetea Labs

Icetea Labs is a consulting and incubation company with a strong technology background. The firm supports visionary founders and energetic teams to create a long-lasting positive impact through decentralization technologies. They finance potential projects on their own, mentor, and assist invested projects in connecting with their extensive network of strategic partners to raise both capital and brand awareness.

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About Epic War

Epic War is a 3D Blockchain Cinematic Game that is free-to-play-to-earn. It is a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game (MMORTS) and social network based on Blockchain technology.

Epic War offers gamers the thrill of first-person shooter action in a cutting-edge gaming environment. Scavenging settings, hundreds of mutant monsters, and a frantic in-game economy are among the game’s highlights.

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Epic War is a 3D Free-to-Play-to-Earn NFT shooting game developed by a futurist who wants to build the world of dreamers called “Epicverse” where players can individualize their avatar to play and earn in VR gameplay.

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Epic War — Battle, Earn, Shoot, Grow — Be the Hero of Your Own Epic Story 🛤. Let’s build the world of dreamers together!