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A letter to all EPK investors!

Hey, all EPK investors,

Thank you for the support of EpiK Protocol.

Since the main-net was launched on August 15, 2021, EpiK Protocol has been growing rapidly in the first quarter. We are proud of the achievements made by all EPKers in the first quarter.

  • The number of knowledge nodes providing storage resources has exceeded 35,000.
  • The number of registered users in Knowledge Mainland, where human resources are assembled, has also exceeded 70,000, covering 22 countries around the world.
  • EPK PreDAO is alive and the first proposal governed by DAO in decentralized storage ecosystem is passed by all EPKers.
  • The first round of domain experts campaign has been started and the MVP (minimum viable product) of domain expert management platform has been ready as scheduled.
  • EPK Grants Program is alive and more and more talented people are becoming one of EPKers through the program to make EPK even greater.
  • EPK Bank is alive and the liquidity of EPK is becoming better and better in DEX and CEX.

These achievements give us enough confidence to harvest more. In the next quarter, we believe,

  • the size of data will have a rapid growth under the leadership of domain experts and the benchmark cases will gradually appear in the domains of finance, health and smart cars.
  • the Knowledge Mainland will become more fun through the combination with more and more metaverse-like games.
  • the liquidity of EPK will be greatly improved in both DEX and CEX.

Although we have achieved a lot, we have to admit that the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore has disrupted our original marketing plan.

In order to survive in this special period, EpiK Protocol Foundation, under the understanding and approval of the majority of investors, has made the following decisions.

We provide the following two release options for all investors, which apply to the second investor unlocking plan only.

- Plan A: From Nov 15th, your second-round released investment shares (EPK) will be unlocked into your EpiK Protocol main-net wallet on a weekly linear basis over 12 weeks.

- Plan B: From Nov 15th, your second-round investment share (EPK) will be released to your EpiK Protocol main-net wallet in one-time. However, you need to use all the shares released this time for creating EpiK Protocol Knowledge Nodes under the supervision of the Foundation, otherwise your remaining share will be cancelled.

The Foundation will initiate the second-round investment share release on November 15, after confirming all the investors’ choices.

The share of EpiK Protocol team will also follow this plan.

EpiK Protocol Foundation is grateful for your support and understanding!

Nothing worth having comes easy! EpiK Protocol’s journey has just begun. Under the feet is the ground of consensus, and over the head are the stars of dream.

Best Regards,

EpiK Protocol Foundation

James Lim




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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