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AI Bot, helping ordinary men make smart money

Before coming up with a rise or fall outcome, each project is littered with true and false news.

Some people are optimistic while some are not. The same applies not only to the cryptocurrency sector but also to all markets which generate transactions between people. Whether it is real estate, pu-erh tea, or futures, crude oil; whether it is any country, and whether it is ancient or modern, such rules always apply.

Money is the most fundamental factor affecting price increases and decreases. If someone is willing to pay a higher price, then the price will go up. If buyers are not willing to spend a higher price for the purchase, then the seller will have to sell at a lower price, and the price will drop. Money is pushing prices up and down, but it’s human beings that drive money, and it’s sentiments that drive them. Both rational and irrational sentiments exist.

This combination of rational and irrational sentiments can lead to extreme trends in the entire market or a particular project, manifesting as short-term overshoots or undershoots. There lies the wealth hidden in this trend of emotional premium.

As you can see, those who are in control of the sentiments will control the code of wealth in this exciting up-and-down trend.

Geniuses profit from manipulating people’s emotions, and smart ones profit from anticipating most people’s judgments. If you do not consider yourself to have either of these talents, why not try out the Token Monitor Bot coming soon at the EpiK Protocol AI Bot Store?

How can it help us? This AI Bot will quietly hide in the Discord community and monitor the coins or projects you are interested in. As soon as you need it, it can send you a compilation of coin prices, community sentiment and the latest project information with just one command, providing a reference before making a decision to add or reduce your position.

The output content of Token Monitor Bot

When you are offline, the Token Monitor Bot will capture every sentence of the target community and use AI natural language analysis algorithms to deeply understand the sentiment of each sentence, rating it with four tags: “NEGATIVE”, “COMPLAINING”, “NEUTRAL” and “POSITIVE”.

You don’t have to worry if it doesn’t understand those argots in cryptocurrency, as the Token Monitor Bot is supported by a mature semantic library operated by EpiK Protocol and is constantly being replenished. It can always keep up with the hot topics and meet the different needs of various tracking projects.

Without Token Monitor Bot, no one can get out of the 24-hour “information explosion” at Discord. Thus, missing important pieces of news is almost a common occurrence, and everyone suffers from the same problem.

But it’s different now, because you already know that there is Token Monitor Bot to take you out of such problems. Analyzing the intelligence from the vast amount of information, ordinary people can also have a way to make money.

More products will be released in the AI Bot Store, so please stay tuned.



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