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Announcement | Increase the supply of ERC20-EPK to meet the demand of wrapping EPK into ERC20-EPK

All EPKers,

As far as you know, $EPK is initial minted in EpiK Protocol main-net. The native $EPK could be wrapped as $ERC20-EPK in Ethereum via EPK wallet. The ERC20-EPK could be wrapped as $BSC-EPK in BSC via PolyBridge.

On Jan 7, 2022, there are more than 130,057,090 EPK minted in EpiK Protocol main-net.

However, the total supply of ERC20-EPK in Ethereum is 44,196,429.

In order to meet the demand for wrapping EPK into ERC20-EPK, the total supply of ERC20-EPK will be increased to 130,057,090. The newly minted ERC20-EPK will all be transferred into the cross-chain bridge account and can only be used for wrapping EPK into ERC20-EPK.


EPK is initially minted in EpiK Protocol main-net. The increase in the supply of ERC20-EPK is only to meet the cross-chain needs of more main-net EPK holders, and will not affect the total circulation of EPK.

Here are the accounts controlled by cross-chain bridge between EpiK Protocol main-net and Ethereum.

EPK Hot Wallet

EPK Cold Wallet

ERC20-EPK Hot Wallet

ERC20-EPK Hot Wallet

Best wishes!




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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