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Bye 2021, Hello 2022

All EPKers,

I’m not saying anything new when saying how 2021 was a difficult year for many. Like many people, there were entire days this year when the only human interaction I had was through a screen.

The world is changing fast! We were faced with restrictions that many never thought we would need to face, missing things that we may have assumed would always be there, needing to focus on things such as social distance, mask wearing, hand washing, in ways we may have never imagined we would need to. The information we have to deal with every day has become more and more complex and the pressure on our lives has become more and more heavier.

AI that can autonomously learn knowledge in various fields and then assist us in making better decisions is a way we have found to relieve the stress of life. Improving AI via feeding it with more high-quality human-labeled training data is exactly what we are doing in EpiK Protocol community. In the past year, I’m honored that so many people have joined us and have achieved so much with us.

  • In 2021, we released 5 versions of EpiK Protocol Testnet. During this period, more than 10,000 EPKers participated in the test.
  • In 2021, we published three whitepapers to describe what EpiK Protocol want to do. These three are light whitepaper, economy whitepaper and governance whitepaper.
  • In 2021, we raised $8m in private sale. Please note that we have not launched any form of public sale. Those involved in private sale are all institutional investors. ANY FORM OF RESALE IS NOT ALLOWED.
  • In 2021, Ben Goertzel who is the father of the first robot citizen joined us as the chief advisor and drafted Decentralized Knowledge Graph Manifesto which is submitted to EpiK Protocol Mainnet as the genesis file.
  • In 2021, EpiK Protocol Mainnet was launched on August 15. More than 44k knowledge nodes have joined us to provide storage resource for all verified high-quality AI data generated by all EPKers and earn $EPK.
  • In 2021, the P2E game Knowledge Mainland was released in April. There are already 100k registered users who come from more than 20 countries in this App. These users join us as bounty hunters to label AI training data in various fields and earn $EPK.
  • In 2021, we released EPK DAO to govern EpiK Protocol with all EPKers together. And the first EpiK Protocol Improvement Proposal (EPIP-1) won the support of most EPKers and was executed.
  • In 2021, we launched Wave I of the EpiK Protocol Grants Program. Eight outstanding projects which aim at making the EpiK Protocol community more prosperous was selected by EpiK Protocol Grants.
  • In 2021, two domain experts were activated with enough votes to lead all EPKers to label the most valuable AI training data in different fields and earn $EPK. The total size of AI data stored by all knowledge nodes has exceed 9 TiB.
  • In 2021, we released EPK Bank to list all verified DeFi products for $EPK. All EPKers can stake EPK/USDT LP token to earn more $EPK in EPK Bank.
  • In 2021, $EPK is hold by more than 50k unique addresses and distributed in EpiK Protocol Mainnet, Ethereum and BSC. Moreover, $EPK is listed in UniSwap, MEXC, Gate and PancakeSwap with more than $2m trading volume everyday.

In 2021, we have shared too many unforgettable stories, either happy or sad. The infrastructure of EpiK Protocol has been built up. Our 50-year journey of educating AI human knowledge has just begun.

In 2022, we will focus on providing better tools for all EPKers to participate in constructing, storing and sharing more AI data in a decentralized way through a screen. Hope that what we are doing can make your life better in this fast-changing world.

All EPKers, thank you very much for your support during the past difficult year! Let’s say goodbye to 2021 and embrace 2022 with hope, dream and ambition.

James Lim

Founder & CEO

EpiK Protocol Foundation




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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