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Come on, here is a “wealth hunting dog” awaiting your adoption!

The most regrettable word in this world is probably “if only then…”.

In 2009, if only you had bought into Bitcoin, you’d be sitting on a yacht now, right?

In 2015, if only you had purchased $100 of ETH every month, you would be drinking champagne on a yacht now, right?

In 2019, who would have thought that LUNA would have risen to over $100 today and that the trend would continue? If only then …

In this field, a right project is a chance to be the winner of the times. But the most difficult task is to discover it.

‘’7 Most Meaningful Crypto Projects’’ ‘’200 Potential Projects Sorted by the Community’’ ‘’5 Impressive Top Crypto Projects in 2021'’ …… When you see these guides popping up on the internet, these projects may have already proven their strengths, and often the best investment period for them has already passed.

So how do the tycoons find promising projects? Their own experience, years of networking, countless amounts of money, and a little bit of luck. Whoa, is this even the kind of information that ordinary people like us can obtain at no cost? After all, unlike the moguls who “put their eggs in a million baskets”, the money we put into the projects is expected to strike it rich!

The Crypto Project Discover Bot, EpiK Protocol’s upcoming AI Bot, aims to use technology to achieve the same effect as the tycoons’ networking + experience + luck.

In order to balance work, family and life, we certainly can’t spend all day on Twitter and discord, and neither do we have the energy to follow every piece of news on the websites just to discover the so-called “ promising stocks”. But the Crypto Project Discover Bot can. This AI Bot can work around the clock to scan all the target information, not only on social networks like Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium, but also on designated websites.

More than just discovering projects, what makes Crypto Project Discover Bot special is the powerful analytics it relies on. With a crypto project discovery logic trained by a powerful Crypto database that is constantly updated, and after innumerable manual corrections, this AI Bot is ready to be your wealth searcher.

And you don’t have to worry about Crypto Project Discover Bot not being able to read the argots. Its database is updated 24/7, which is much more efficient than the Discord group.

To bring the Crypto Project Discover Bot back home, remember to keep an eye on the EpiK Protocol AI Bot Store. There will be more new products coming soon, so please stay tuned.



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