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Cryptocurrency is a multi-million dollar spinning industry. Countries, Institutions both public and private, individuals have all been contributing in one way or the other to the growth and expansion of this industry in diverse ways. The opportunities to thus earn in this money-spinning industry is as much as the number of tokens currently in the crypto space. While it is not everyone that is technologically savvy to be a developer, not an excellent communicator to oversee public relations, there are other ways to earn, albeit remotely and at one’s comfort. This means there are opportunities therein where people can make money either in tens or hundreds of it depending largely on commitment, reward on offer and task that accompanies each reward.

Epik Protocol as a project needs no introduction. In summary, in reimagining the Human knowledge Graph, with a decentralized approach, Epik Protocol places premium value on people. Hence, this gesture from Epik Protocol known largely as Knowledge Mainland App can be said to be a “platform of the people, by the people and for the people” to earn by simply performing daily tasks with rewards to be won.

The Epik Protocol Knowledge Mainland App is a universal library of knowledge where you can play and earn. To earn there are simple tasks to be done either weekly or daily with a rewarding system that commensurate with the task, and even pays more. Search no further as the Epik Protocol Knowledge Mainland App might just be what you have been searching for in your quest to have your own share of the multi-million dollar orbiting the crypto space.

In a previous article, how to register on the Knowledge Mainland App was covered. New users can interact with the article to register, play and start earning.


Playing on the Knowledge Mainland App is quite easy and straightforward. As outlined above in an article, registration with a Mobile number and an authentication exercise need to be carried out before one is eligible or can carry out daily tasks.

To find the daily task, users need to click on the Bonfire or Cave puzzle to do this. Here, the daily tasks to do are there. Users need to click on “answer” to see the task or question. The tasks are easy as much as the instructions are followed and adhered to.

This App is easier to download via the App Master as it will easily pop up upon search on there as depicted in the image below:


To play on the Mainland App, there are no special skills required. However, a good strategy must be employed while making decisions. The accrued scores can be used for exploration or to update one’s level. Updating one’s level comes with an added advantage; getting to play more daily tasks which directly means more points will be collected all meaning there will be a chance to do more exploration effectively affecting the rewards which would be huge after all. There is faction on the App that guides, helps you to have easy exploration on the App. The image below shows you where to get it:


As it is an app from the Epik Protocol project, users get EPK tokens. However, there are EPK tokens from exploration directly. Sometimes, it could be a fragment, but most times, scores are given to users. A user can be lucky to get a special prop. The least amount of an EPK token to get during exploration is 0.005.

Scores on the Mainland App give a user more opportunity to explore or for exploration. Each level a player gets to, there are several tasks one must perform. There are 5 levels, with each progressing level having more daily tasks to perform.

● At level 0, there are 20 daily tasks

● Level 1, there are 25 daily tasks

● Level 5 is the highest level with 70 daily tasks

The questions from the daily tasks are simple, however, strict adherence to the instructions is important.


The Mainland App has three buildings which are:

  1. Energy building (bonfire)
  2. 2. Knowledge building (cave)
  3. 3. Fragment or exploration building (survivor)

The Energy and Knowledge buildings are where daily tasks are performed to earn more scores. The Exploration building is where users get either fragment, props, scores or EPK token after every successful exploration.

Each of the buildings contain 5-levels. Fragments and scores are needed to unlock each level. To get these much-needed fragments and scores, users must not miss any task. Scores from the Knowledge building can be used for exploration on the Fragment building to earn EPK tokens or fragments.


Users can earn more through the unique referral link given to every successfully registered user of the Mainland App. There are two ways to earn in this channel by sharing referral links to people to register. A one time instant 10 points referral bonus would be paid to the referral. Each user can invite as many people as possible to earn EPK tokens. It is a simple referral process as the more you invite people, the more a user stands to earn. To get your unique referral link on the Mainland App, users need to click on the activity menu. To do this, users need to press the top right corner of the Mainland App.

The other way to earn is through continuous invitation points rebate which is made possible after a newbie invited by the user performs a task on the Mainland App.


Like the registration, which is smooth, answering questions on the Mainland App is also smooth and easy. In providing answers to questions, on screen options which are either “yes” or “no” must be selected to be able to submit as failure to do this, the submission option would not appear on the screen.


There are other tasks that could help a player to earn more. Essentially, reporting a recorded task that has errors like failure to match what is displayed on the screen, inaudibility of the recorded task among others will lead to an increment in the scores of a user’s credits. Credits gained over time could qualify a user to earn the Knowledge badge which can be swapped to NFT.


Telegram: https://t.me/EpikProtoco

Website: lhttps://www.epik-protocol.i

Discord: ohttps://discord.gg/5EK8PSx

Twitter: rhttps://twitter.com/EpikProtocol



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