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EpiK Weekly Report #12 (February 15th — February 21st)

Highlight: EpiK new website officially launched

I. Marketing Progress

  1. EpiK Testnet 3.0 was launched performance well :

Currently registered miners have reached 975, completed mortgage node 847, block generation node 546, effective computing power 20.922GB, and average block generation time is 6.03S.

2. EpiK updated version of official website was launched, check it out:

EpiK Official Website: https://epik-protocol.io

II. Community

Twitter: 15,956

Telegram Community: 20,151

Telegram Channel: 10,934

WeChat Community: 4,785

III. Technical Progress

Go-EpiK Mainchain

  • Too many miners lead to too long routing Array in Expert Actor, optimize ddata structure
  • WindowPost appears partial already proven, fixed dthe cache duration parameter
  • Retrieve fail timeout retry processing, testing
  • The core module is upgraded to Filecoin 1.4.2 version synchronously, testing
  • Retrieve file failed to unlock the locked data balance, testing
  • The Retrieve routing table is optimized according to the activity level of miners, under design
  • go-epik Code Review, in progress
  • go-epik Code Audit, in progress

Knowledge Continent v1.0

  • Skills certification module, completed
  • Voice collection module, completed
  • Times scene upgrade, completed
  • Message notification module, completed
  • Android/IOS App front end, optimizing

EpiK Data Gateway

  • The design of high-performance scalable architecture is completed and is being implemented

EpiK Portal Wallet

  • ERC20-EPK exchange for mainnet EPK function, implementation
  • KnowledgeLand points exchange function is being implemented
  • Field expert application and voting functions are being implemented

EpiK Explorer Explorer

  • Update Go Client API SDK

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EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol

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