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EpiK Weekly Report #4 (December 21st — December 27th)

Highlight: the main network will be launched at the end of February 2021

Marketing Progress

  1. The second phase of North American executives’ global community video lecture is online: Web3.0 and Knowledge Graph: EpiK Protocol is never just a distributed storage project.
  2. The main network will be launched at the end of February 2021. At present, the enrolled nodes of the test network version 2.0 have exceeded 9132, among which the effective producing block nodes are 4824 and the effective computing power is 200.99 GB.
  3. EpiK China community representative and operation director Elon attended 2020 Non-Consensus Conference hosted by Deep Chain Finance and 2020 World Blockchain Leadership Summit hosted by Koala Finance.
  4. EpiK Christmas bounty activity, complete small tasks to have a chance to get presents and points.

Technical Progress

  • Add field expert RPC API, completed
  • Code merge of functions, completed
  • go-epik unit test, in progress
  • go-epik-actor unit test, in progress
  • go-epik-market unit test, in progress
  • Integration testing, in progress

Tips: Before the mainnet launches, the test network will also receive an upgrade, mainly updating the content related to the economy model, so please stay tuned.

  • Complete product prototype of gamified knowledge crowdsourcing platform
  • Prepare to generate the first list of tasks

Community Progress

  • A total of 32 WeChat groups with a total of 4700+ people.
  • 60+ new community users inquiring about participating in pre-mining within one week.
  • The amount of new community users who inquired about the bounty hunting activities reached 50+ people within a week.

Global Market Progress

  • Telegram Group has reached 22,000+ people steadily.
  • The member amount of Telegram Channel continues to grow steadily.
  • Overseas Emoji Contest has got wide participation from community users. The following shows the original work of the first place in the contest.

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EpiK Protocol

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