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EPK Weekly Report

I. Marketing Progress

  • On April 26, EPK got listed on Kucoin.
  • EPK AI bot — NFT Whale Monitor was launched
  • The new propaganda film for EpiK Protocol is released
What is EpiK Protocol?
The economy model of EpiK Protocol
How to be an EPKer?
The governance model of EpiK protocol
  • The DAU of current Knowledge Mainland reaches 3,000.

Let’s keep answering questions and exploring on Knowledge Mainland to curate more valuable AI data.

II. About Knowledge Nodes

The computing power of EpiK’s entire network continues to rise. By May 7, 2022, there are 204,494 registered nodes, 51,732 retrieval nodes, 51,094 active nodes, and a total network computing power of 33.033 TB.

III. Community

  • Be one of the first 100 members to share your experience on EPK AI bot and fill in the form to get 1,000 EPK scores.
  • EpiK Protocol invites you to share $50,000 in $EPK.
  • Leo, CTO of EpiK protocol took part in the Twitter spaces with 7 O’clock Labs on April 26.
  • Leo, CTO of EpiK protocol attended at Unpack AI community as a gesture on May 5.
  • Learn And Earn — EPK Quiz was launched again

After finishing watching the propaganda films of EpiK protocol, EPKers can take the quiz to share the 20,000 $EPK.

  • Twice Scores Earning and Lucky Raffle on Knowledge ended, did you win the 100,000 scores on the Knowledge Mainland?

Check the winner list at our server.

IIII. Technical Progress


Official knowledge gateway has been published in the category of “go-epik-gateway” on Github.

Provide more data preprocessing modules, under development.

Knowledge Mainland

A new domain of crypto community sentiment monitor domain, released

A new domain of Crypto News Summary, to be released

EPK Wallet

Support miners to enter the EPK wallet to provide decentralized combined mining services, to be released


NFT Mint Tool, released.

EPK Bots

Crypto Monitor Bot, upgraded.

Crypto News Summary Bot, launched.

Crypto Projects Discover Bot, to be launched.

KOL Tweets Bot, to be launched.



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EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol

The World’s First Decentralized Protocol for AI Data Construction, Storage and Sharing. https://www.epik-protocol.io/ | https://twitter.com/EpikProtocol