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EPK Weekly Report

July 23–August 19

I. Marketing

  • To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, EpiK Protocol held an anniversary airdrop event with EPKers.
  • Airdrop Bot has introduced more than 400 high-quality airdrops for EPKers since its launch in May.

Hold more for free during the bear market and wait for the coming of the bull market.

II. About Knowledge Nodes

The computing power of EpiK’s entire network continues to rise. By August 19, 2022, there are 215,670 registered nodes, 44,562 retrieval nodes, 43,813 active nodes, and a total network computing power of 33.819 TB.

III. Community

  • To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, EpiK Protocol distributed 1,000 badges to EPKers.
  • To celebrate the launch of the new domain “영어-한국어 번역” on Knowledge Mainland, EpiK Protocol started the Twice Scores Earning Event.
  • On August 9, EpiK Protocol wished all community members from Singapore a happy national day.

IIII. Technical Progress

  • Go-EpiK

Design and integrate EpiK DAO based on VM solution, the feasibility of VM reading the underlying data interface, under test.

  • Knowledge Mainland

Open the application function, nomination, data definition and upload for domain experts, under optimisation.

Add sufficient process tips.

Add the question bank approval process.

  • EPK Wallet

Preparing the function of open domain expert application and nomination, under development.
Add application status tracking.
Add an open nomination process.

  • EPK Gateway

Preparing the function of open domain data download, under development.

Adding real-time data packages for each domain.



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