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EPK Weekly Report


Marketing Progress

  • WAVE II of EpiK Protocol Grants Program was launched officially.

Since the announcement of won projects in WAVE I of EpiK Protocol Grants Program, some early-stage applicants updated and submitted their projects again. EpiK Protocol Foundation decided to add 2 excellent projects to WAVE I, these two projects are Human Memento V1.0 and Smart Transportation Twin Simulator V1.0. At the same time, Wave II was launched officially this week and the application due is January 1st, 2022.

Click to review won projects in WAVE I of EpiK Protocol Grants Program.

  • EpiK Protocol made a strategic investment in DeHub

DeHub is a play, stream, and earn utopia fueled by a pioneering token economy that redistributes the power of entertainment to the hands of many as we propel into the new digital frontier. DeHub provides a user-friendly portal to a world of entertainment where users can engage in varieties of ways directly on our dApps including barrier-free play-, watch- and learn-to-earn. The strategic investment of EpiK Protocol in DeHub enables the team to accelerate the development of learn-to-earn dApps and to build its NFT Creator tools in decentralized eternal storage, and to expand its NFT Mystery Boxes strategy. These are all to provide developers and gamers with an easy to onboard and fun blockchain gaming metaverse.

  • Domain Expert Andy has uploaded the first round of AI data about smart transportation

Andy aims to contribute AI data in the domain of smart transport to EpiK Protocol network. Unlike the traditional method of labeling data required for intelligent driving training based on real road images, Andy uses digital twin technology to simulate a virtual city in Metaverse. In the Metaverse, Andy can arbitrarily simulate scenes that are difficult to encounter in the real world, such as weather changes, sand and rock obstructing roads, and earthquakes and rainstorms. He can simulate 10,000 hours of virtual road images that are enough to simulate each day. What is more, he can mark the shape of objects with 100% accuracy using simulation algorithms.

Data Weekly Report

Within 100 days after the launch of mainnet, the number of knowledge nodes in EpiK protocol continuously rises. Up to now, the total number of pledged nodes exceeds 40,000 and the computing power on the whole net exceeds 1.102 TB.


  • Domain Expert AMA Activities

Becky-Financial Knowledge Graph Expert came to EpiK protocol community to answer some relevant questions at 12: 00 UTC, November 25, and received a warm welcome from community members. Next week, Domain Expert Ben and Andy will also be guests to take part in AMA activities in EpiK Protocol official telegram group. Click here to review what information Becky brought on the AMA activity.

Technical Progress


Optimize Domain Expert default upload function, Support the forced packaging of small files, ongoing.

Default knowledge gateway, optimizing. Support the Reply of Nebula database and big file translation.

Develop EpiK DAO, ongoing.

Design the technical solution of integrating EVM on EpiK Protocol, ongoing.

Knowledge Mainland

Complete the upload of the first file from Domain Expert, has completed.

Optimize domain experts to upload files on domain expert admin system

Optimize domain experts’ data-checking efficiency from the admin system, ongoing.

Add data visualization function on domain expert admin system, ongoing.

Multi-model commodity knowledge graph question bank, released.

EpiK Protocol Grants

Pass Human: Memento and authorize this project with the use right of Knowledge Mainland characters, in progress.

Pass Digital Twin Simulators for Smart Transportation V1.0, complete the toolkit development and commence to train the technical team to produce AI training data for the needs of various smart car companies.

The interface design of Metaverse SDK, ongoing.

The technical solution of EternalNFT.IO, ongoing.

Development plan of Laputa, ongoing.




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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