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How Bounty Hunters Share the Knowledge Graph Ecosystem Reward

The EpiK Knowledge Graph ecosystem will be officially launched with the recruitment of 10 founding field experts in the Chinese community. In the EpiK whitepaper, besides field experts, the knowledge graph ecosystem also includes roles or segments such as bounty hunters, knowledge users, and payment gateways. Today, we will take a deeper look at bounty hunters.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

Literally speaking, the bounty hunter is a profession that tries to complete important tasks to earn a high reward. Of course, nothing can be simply put, so after the research at the search engine, we will find: The Bounty Hunter is a role who is to obtain a high bounty by completing the employer’s difficult tasks. This concept first appeared in the western part of United States, which is an old profession.

Through the screen have you smelled a strong smell of the western cowboy? In the above description, the identity of the bounty hunter helper also jumped out of the paper, checking the missing is an important role it plays. So what kind of presence do bounty hunters have in EpiK?

In the EpiK whitepaper, this is how the bounty hunters are described: “Voters who are interested in crowdsourcing assistance for any task proposed by knowledge experts and receive EPK rewards for completing the task.”

To simply put, the ultimate goal of EpiK is to build a mega knowledge graph to open up the cognition of AI. If we consider the knowledge graph as a book, field experts are the chief editors of these books, but a book cannot be completed by one person, so the bounty hunters are the important assistants recruited by them. Just like our left hand and right hand, when the right hand works, the left hand can play an assisting role, and both sides cooperate to write the blueprint of the future knowledge vault.

What does a bounty hunter do?

Before we get to the bounty, what exactly do you do as a hunter in the EpiK knowledge graph ecosystem?

In fact, before the knowledge graph ecosystem launches, the EpiK miner ecosystem launched the “Task is Mining” campaign as a warm-up for bounty hunter recruitment. Specifically, EpiK would post some promotional or other tasks in the community, and participants would be rewarded for completing the tasks. For some long-time users, the whole process may already be familiar to them.

If the previous bounty hunter activity in the miner ecosystem was a pre-rehearsal, then with the open of the knowledge graph, the actual bounty hunter battle will also be unveiled, which is similar to playing online games, where one first goes to train and get equipments, and then goes to battle. However, for users who are going to participate in the construction of the knowledge graph, even if there is no “training” process, it is still quite easy to participate.

In EpiK’s knowledge graph ecosystem, field experts will transform the data in their field into a knowledge graph, including organizing and decomposing text, images, videos, and other data formats, and publishing tasks through EpiK’s knowledge graph collaboration platform.

Many people will wonder what kind of tasks bounty hunters will receive. And how will you do the task?

In the EpiK knowledge graph ecosystem, bounty hunters are not given “difficult, high-risk” tasks as they might think. Instead, they are given tasks that are similar to a knowledge quiz. For example, a field expert may be assigned knowledge tasks, such as, is Zhang Fei a Zhuozhou native? The bounty hunter is given the task and only has to answer yes or no to the question.

After the bounty hunter accepts the task and completes it, how will he get the “bounty”? With the EpiK economy whitepaper, we can see it clearly.

How are the earnings of bounty hunters?

As an important part of the EpiK knowledge graph ecosystem, field experts and bounty hunters have been inseparable from each other , and even bounty hunters’ earnings are inextricably linked to field experts.

According to the EpiK economy whitepaper, a total of 331,776 EPKs will be produced every day after the mainnet is launched, and 9% of those EPKs will go to the field expert team, or 29,859.84 EPKs/day. This means that the bounty hunters have nearly 50,000 EPKs per day to share.

Now that EpiK has been listed at Uniswap, as the value of the EpiK project is demonstrated, its trading price will steadily increase, and bounty hunter rewards will also rise fast soon.

More than Rewards, More for Personal Value

Nowadays, artificial intelligence applications are spreading in every corner of life, and knowledge graph applications, which are the infrastructure of artificial intelligence, are also flooding around human beings at a rapid pace.

The most distinctive example is that every time you look down and play your cell phone, countless APPs are reminding you of the existence of knowledge graph applications, intelligent Q&A, intelligent voice navigation, shopping, travel, finance, etc. Although you just type a few words or say a sentence, there are countless knowledge graphs operating behind it.

The door of future AI has been opened slowly, but the way to enter this door is different — — whether to be passively swept in by big organizations or to realize their own economic value and future value as creators.

In EpiK knowledge graph ecological planning, each ecological role is an important part and all play their own advantages and values in this great change for the ages, not only economic values but also more personal and social values.

After years pass, bounty hunters can still tell their descendants that they have fought in this epic sermon that lasted at least 50 years from the evolution of carbon-based life to silicon-based life.

The wind of the artificial intelligence era has been blowing slowly, EpiK knowledge graph ecosystem will be officially open soon, and the bounty hunters are standing before the door to the future.

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