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4 min readMar 16, 2022


The only constant in life is change.

It’s a bright new year. Through careful consideration and communication with the community, the EpiK Protocol has also taken on a new twist in 2022.

Change 1: More clarity

We redefined ourselves in the new year.

EpiK Protocol is an AI-first blockchain that aims an open and collaborative AI data network that is accessible to all bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for community members to curate human-labeled AI training data and contribute to billions of bots in the real world and metaverse.

Change 2: More Specific

The new definition clarifies a new direction. In this coming year, EpiK Protocol will shift its development and operation focus to AI Bot.

AI Bot is a generic term for Web3-based AI applications.

Focusing on community, Web3 represents the future of internet by providing new approaches and opportunities for asset circulation. We believe that the Web3 infrastructure is the key for the crypto industry to enter mainstream markets.

This is why we choose AI Bot.

AI Bot can automate repetitive, predefined tasks. Unlike other push bots on the market, AI Bot is not only capable of collecting and pushing information, but with the support of AI knowledge graph, it can also continuously enrich its knowledge base, self learn, and perform corresponding logical analysis and information filtering according to your needs.

The AI Bot can be an assistant bot like Siri built into a hardware device, a self-learning bot like AlphaGo that can game against you, an information subscription bot that subscribes to multi-platform news for you, an autopilot bot programmed into your Tesla, or a translation bot that helps you work with language information automatically.

In fact, these are only a small part of the application scenarios of AI Bot. A bigger vision is waiting for us to discover together.

Change 3: More Openness

A brand new EpiK Protocol will be inclusive.

We will open up the infrastructure to allow all interested and in-demand community users to develop their own AI Bots.

The development process can be roughly divided into 6 steps.

  • Project establishment: Community members can propose development requirements of Web3 AI Bot in various fields to EpiK Protocol officials. The EpiK Protocol Foundation will evaluate the technical feasibility of the request and the project can be formally established after the request is approved.
  • Domain experts: After the project is established, the EpiK Protocol Foundation or official domain experts with appropriate experience or qualifications (also requiring 100,000 $EPK votes) will define, classify and organize the AI data structure necessary for the AI Bot, and then post corresponding bounty tasks to bounty hunters.
  • Bounty hunters: All community members can become bounty hunters. After downloading Knowledge Mainland App and finishing the fundamental ability certification, you can receive and complete data labeling tasks to earn EPK. Currently, more than 1,000,000 users have joined “Answer to earn” in the App.
  • Knowledge node storage: Domain experts will organize the AI data labeled and approved by bounty hunters and then upload them to EpiK mainnet knowledge nodes for decentralized storage. All users who provide servers for the storage of knowledge nodes shall enjoy corresponding EPK proceeds.
  • Knowledge gateway: Through the knowledge gateway API, the AI Bot builders will access the EpiK mainnet and download the corresponding data to complete the AI Bot development work.
  • The dev team of AI bot: When an AI Bot is developed, it can be provided to community users for free or at a price.

We believe that a well-established and open process setup will help the community learn about our work and spark creativity among community members, which would bring more surprises in this era.

Our original aspiration of AI remains unchanged

We believe you have noticed that underneath all these changes, some essential things remain the same.

Yes, it’s AI. EpiK Protocol will always place the evolution and application of AI knowledge graphs at the core of its development.

Since the prospect of AI knowledge graphs is still not known enough for ordinary people, it is our duty to find a familiar scenario and show them how AI knowledge graphs can change their existing way of living and working.

It is the responsibility of EpiK Protocol and every EPKer to make the AI knowledge graph fully accessible to more people and to involve them in the construction of AI knowledge graph.

So now our mission is to bring trustful bots to life for everyone.



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