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No need to understand blockchain, SDK makes the era of “one-click deployment of GameFi” come true

Since the second half of the year, what’s more popular in the blockchain field than GameFi? A dozen new projects appear every week, making you fall behind the times with a slight unnoticed.

According to incomplete statistics, there were over 20 GaneFi projects announced to obtain financing in October; about 40 GameFi projects announced to obtain financing in September, with a cumulative amount of over $1.4 billion. Compared with the second quarter, the game-related Unique Active Wallets (UAW) grew by 25% and achieved a year-on-year growth by 509%, which is a very significant increase.

DappRadar: In the past week, the active users of top 7 blockchain games exceeded 100,000

The GameFi’s explosive growth has made many non-blockchain industry game teams and investment institutions rush in, but the first thing in front of us is such a fact:

The overall process of designing economic models, developing and auditing smart contracts, operating trial and error, etc. is costly, and the barrier for entry is quite high. With no understanding of blockchain, how can you focus on game development itself, deploy blockchain game with one click, and quickly hit the most promising investment chance of the metaverse?

God said, let there be light: and there was light. With a huge market demand, EPK Metaverse SDK was born!

The SDK helps to develop EPK eco-chain games on BSC network at lower cost and faster speed. If developing a blockchain game is compared to building a house, then the SDK provides the wall, roof, floor and other components, so that developers can build it in a way of building blocks, with much better cost and speed.

In terms of specific features, with all open-sourced SDK code, EPK Metaverse SDK can help developers to quickly build the infrastructure by completing common functional modules with one click, such as blind box sales, blind box opening, NFT upgrade and NFT mining.

Just redefine the game parameters, change the story context and art design, focus on the business logic, and you’ll quickly be on the track. It saves more than half the time and costs than traditional development models.

If you are a blockchain company with no relevant game development experience or development team, or even subject to policy restrictions, the SDK can help you deploy GameFi with one click. You can use the blind box revenue as your own machine cost and mining output as NFT knowledge node revenue. You will magnificently turn into a rapidly expanding game mogul, leading the metaverse boom!

The SDK also provides accessibility, NFT sharing, authoring and ownership capabilities, indicating a potential direction for the development of a “metaverse” ecosystem. More importantly, the SDK development team is trying to build its first foundation of the “metaverse” ecosystem in the form of SDK.

For example, as a project of EpiK Protocol’s first Grants Eco Support Program, SDK is valuable to EpiK Protocol in that it allows blockchain companies to realize low-cost game development by replicating SDK source code, and players can get EPK revenue by purchasing NFT with USDT or EPK. Developers, knowledge nodes and players will collaborate to make the EpiK Protocol ecological metaverse a self-consistent economy. This model can be replicated indefinitely.

In 2016, ETH brought the groundbreaking smart contract feature that allowed people to map real assets with tokens and freely control the movements of assets. It has elevated the industry to a new level — Blockchain 2.0.

ETH released the imagination of tokens, and SDK will release the imagination of blockchain games!

The vision of SDK is to open up a road of “one-click deploy blockchain chain game with no need to understand blockchain”. SDK will evolve blockchain games to 3.0 and 4.0 by creating a platform and providing various modules for developers to build game applications. It is conceivable that in the future, the development logic of the blockchain game field will be rewritten and the industry will be redefined.

According to the EPK Metaverse SDK project plan, the SDK requirements and interface will be confirmed in October 2021; in November, SDK will be implemented in BSC and a game will be promoted.

If you are interested in using our SDK, you can send emails to business@epik-protocol.io. or reply on GitHub.



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