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Say no to fake news, AI Bot with analytics is coming soon

Last fall, Twitter introduced a new hashtag that allows “Good Bots” to serve on its platform. The “Good Bot” tag is now publicly available to all automated account holders.

Unfortunately, Good Bot does not always provide accurate information. After all, all of the information gathering and massage push bot’s on the market today are based on web data. While data, has now become a business, clicking farms, sending bots, autoresponders …… data beautification is growing faster than we can imagine. Data that is not identified and analyzed for content is “deceptive”.

A real good bot should not only “collect” but also “analyze”.

In 2022, EpiK Protocol will focus its development and operations on Web3 AI bots, which will combine information “collection” and “analysis” together. The bot will be based on the social graphs built by Twitter.

Twitter is one of the largest social networks in the world. Not long ago, Twitter released its Q4 fiscal 2021 results, reporting $1.57 billion in global revenue and 217 million average monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) for the fourth quarter.

Many politicians, brand owners and company executives see Twitter’s huge market reach. It’s no surprise that Trump is so keen on “Twitter governance” that he tweets more than a dozen times a day, and Musk’s various hints on Twitter have been a source of great interest to netizens.

Apparently, KOLs in the cryptocurrency sector are also aware of Twitter’s influence. Research has shown that Twitter’s influence is positively correlated with the price of bitcoin and that every time KOLs make a statement, the price of the currency fluctuates.

So, by following a few more KOLs, are we capturing the real “wealth code”? Well, it’s not that easy.

Have you ever encountered these scenarios?

The coin you just sold has skyrocketed, and then you found out that some KOL’s tweets predicted the market long ago.

You just opened your eyes in the morning and found that a certain coin has been pulled to a high level, but you missed the news that your friend @ you in the chatting room at 3 am.

For the same project, there are favourable and unfavourable KOLs, you can’t tell who is making honest recommendations and who is fishing in troubled waters.

A new project interacts enthusiastically with various experts on social media platforms, attracting countless investments.

Wait until the project owner escapes with the money before you realize that these people never responded to the project’s warm “roll call”.

We are in a community that is greatly influenced by the news. Having first-hand information to capture the most promising projects is our “code” to wealth. Information gathering bots are there to help us. But how do you identify the authenticity of projects, KOLs and news in the complex social network of a large social platform like Twitter?

To sort out these complicated relationships, extract the most critical factors from the vast amount of social information, and collect and organize them in the first place. Such needs have led to the development of AI Bot.

Although lies can fool you for a while, data fools no one. Just as some celebrities, who are close friends in front of the camera, yet never interact on social networks. Social data can reveal people’s behaviour and attitudes. By tracking social messages and analyzing social graphs, AI Bot can easily analyze who are Vitalik Buterin’s closest friends, which entrepreneurs are being actively replied to by a16z executives, and so on.

What kind of projects are more likely to receive investment? What exactly is the relationship between the founders of the project and the VCs? How can we know the true identity of the founding team members of a new project? Can we predict the future trend of the project based on their past project experience? The answer is hidden in their interaction frequency, content, and closeness. By analyzing the knowledge graph of social information, AI bots can often give clear suggestions.

EpiK Protocol has developed an AI Bot service based on Twitter’s social information knowledge graph for information pushing, which can automate repetitive, predefined tasks, i.e., it can help gather information about a given project or direction so as to get the information you need one step faster.

Unlike other push bots, AI Bot is not only capable of collecting and pushing information, but also able to continuously enrich its knowledge base and self-learn with the support of the AI knowledge graph, which can perform corresponding logical analysis and information filtering according to your needs.

At the same time, EpiK Protocol will provide an open infrastructure for all interested and in-demand community users to develop their own AI Bot.

The AI Bot can be an assistant bot like Siri embedded in a hardware device, a self-learning bot like AlphaGo that can play against you, a self-driving bot built into your Tesla car, or a translation bot that helps you process language information automatically.




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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