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The EpiK Economy Whitepaper is Here, Miners Come to Collect Your “Profit Statement”

Today, the long-awaited EpiK Economy Whitepaper was released to the community (https://www.epik-protocol.io/EPIK-whitepaper-economy-cn.pdf). Now, all IPFS miners will have their own “income statement” based on this economy whitepaper, which provides an “economic guide” for miners to mine.

In addition, the economy whitepaper stands out in terms of its economy modeling, ecological distribution, and value potential.

Highlight 1: The EpiK efficient economy model

Unlike the economy models of other IPFS projects, the EpiK economy model covers every part of the ecology in the construction of the knowledge graph, and the overall economy model is designed with only one goal in mind, which is to allow each player in the ecology to maximize their own interests while forming a synergy to promote the growth of the decentralized human eternal knowledge vault.

Highlight 2: The rights and obligations of miners and ecosystems

In this economy whitepaper, the rights and obligations of miners and other ecological participants are clearly agreed upon, and the distribution of benefits among ecological participants is clarified, which is conducive to further promoting EpiK Protocol to build a credible decentralized knowledge graph collaboration network that is shared across the community.

Highlight 3: EpiK’s grand significance

The founder of EpiK had pointed out during the live that the EPK price depends to some extent on the value of the project. And what EpiK is doing right now will be an epic sermon of carbon-based life that will last at least 50 years to silicon-based life.

According to the economy whitepaper, the EpiK Protocol aims to broaden the cognition of AI by building a collaborative network of trusted decentralized knowledge graphs, organizing a global community to build and share the eternal knowledge vault of humanity, and enabling the digital world in which AI lives to understand the unstructured knowledge of the physical world in which humans live with the help of structured knowledge graph data, in the era of total intelligence that has arrived.

The EpiK Economy whitepaper tells us that you’re not just mining, you’re building the eternal knowledge vault of humanity!



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