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The importance of EpiK Protocol domain experts

It is repeatedly said that domain experts are one of the key roles in the entire EpiK Protocol ecosystem and are at the core of the future AI data quality and application process.

Since the launch of the “Domain Expert Campaign Month” in mid-October, EpiK ecology has harvested 6 domain experts, whose brief descriptions are as below.

Originally from France, Ms. Becky is currently an Executive Director of BNP Paribas, the largest bank in Europe. She has over 10 years of capital markets experience in Asia and Europe, having worked for UBS and Rothschild Investment Bank in Hong Kong. She also holds a BBA and MBA from HEC, a top 1 business school in France. In EpiK ecosystem, she is working with the community to build a financial knowledge graph, including but not limited to collecting all relevant information on listed companies in key financial markets such as A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks.

Andy is the current President of Nexusguard, an information security service provider, and a domain expert in the smart transportation area of EpiK Protocol. He hopes to leverage EpiK Protocol’s ability to integrate high-quality data annotation services to deliver a more realistic and immersive experience in a digital twin-based metaverse through accurate annotation services. At the same time, based on the more scientific algorithms generated by the annotation service, he hopes to enable decisions and events to be “preformed” to perfection in the digital twin world first, helping the real world to reduce the trial and error cost of urban operations. So far, he and his team have used data sets annotated by EpiK’s Knowledge Mainland App to create a “metaverse” comparable to the real world. They have successfully “fooled” Tesla’s purely visual autopilot system, allowing the autopilot algorithm to “grow rapidly” in the virtual world through simulation training.

World-class AI expert Ben Goertzel, founder and CEO of SingularityNET, Chairman of the OpenCog Foundation, Chief Scientist of robotics company Hanson Robotics, and President of the American Society for General Artificial Intelligence, is also recognized as one of the world’s leading AI experts, thinkers, software engineers, and serial entrepreneurs. He is also recognized as a leading AI expert, thinker, software engineer, and serial entrepreneur. Ben Goertzel has published 150 scientific papers and over 15 scientific books in the AI field. He is working with EpiK Protocol on healthcare knowledge graph architecture and AI big data building to advance decentralized AI and new digital economies. He also provides guidance for building the EpiK AGI Knowledge Graph to facilitate the improvement and development of knowledge graphs in AI.

With a deep technical background in AI emotional computing and storage, rich experience in application and transformation of operation in enterprise customers, Dr. Aken, the founder of EmotionCloud. In order to better promote the application development of emotional computing and benefit the physical and mental health of human beings, EpiK Protocol has also explored a cloud architecture as emocloud. It will promote the implementation of AI in security, medical health, commercial advertising, education and other fields.

Hong Luo, a domain expert in artificial intelligence and finance, is building a mutual fund knowledge graph with the EpiK Protocol community. He uses AI technology to automate the use of massive unstructured information by extracting the analysis of the behavioral types of market participants, the equilibrium of forces formed by various types of games and the effective breakout points that break different game states in the market. It is mapped into structured and standardized knowledge graphs and trading models to complete the in-depth analysis of the relevant laws of capital market volatility. Technical support and accurate and reliable data sources are provided for opinion monitoring, risk prediction and application decision making.

Dr. Hongyuan Yu, an algorithm engineer, is an emerging domain expert in multimodal machine learning. He hopes to improve his multimodal machine learning algorithm implementation with the high quality data collected by EpiK Protocol’s innovative AI data annotation system. At the same time, with the multimodal trained algorithms, he can also provide a more accurate and collegiate automated data filtering tool for EpiK Protocol’s domain expert admin system that is already available, enabling a data-driven feedback algorithm.

Many people may don’t understand why EpiK Protocol has been actively seeking and promoting domain experts in various industries. Well, let’s take a look at this in two levels.

In terms of short-term earnings, domain experts have a significant impact on the price of EPK.

It is known that each new domain expert needs to get 100,000 EPK pledged votes before being listed. At present, there are 6 domain experts who have completed registration, but the number of pledged votes for domain experts on the network has already reached 1,784,261. This indicates that EPKers are far more enthusiastic about domain experts than expected.

While many of the EPKers who participate in pledging may not have understood the inextricable connection between domain experts and EPK prices in detail, their intuition has brought them very close to the truth. In fact, there is an absolute positive correlation between domain experts and the number of EPK pledges needed for knowledge nodes across the network. Let’s look at an equation.

From this equation, it can be seen that the number of domain experts is directly related to the total number of pledges. For example, if the number of pledged nodes is 43,195, 50 domain experts, each uploading 10 files of 8M size per day, will need to pledge at least 48,195,000 EPKs.

Don’t forget that to become a Knowledge Node, you need to pledge at least 1000 EPKs. 43,195 Knowledge Nodes, which means that at least 43,195,000 EPKs have been pledged.

As the number of knowledge nodes increases, the base pledge of 43,195,000 EPKs evolves, and the traffic pledge from domain experts is immeasurable. After all, it only takes 1 domain expert who has uploaded 80M data files to generate at least 1,000,000 EPK pledges.

The most active domain expert in the area of intelligent transportation, Andy, has been uploading data files almost every day and has hundreds of megabytes of data files to be uploaded.

Moreover, according to EpiK’s design of “Basic Pledge + Traffic Pledge + Usage Pledge”, the datasets labeled by the ecology will also be pledged by EPK for usage. Such will also appear in the big data exchange, providing services to data demanders and data service providers, thereby bringing new momentum to the growth of the new digital economy. We will find an opportunity to talk about this in more detail.

Therefore, the increase in the number of domain experts inevitably leads to a geometric increase in the number of pledged EPKs. More and more EPKers, knowledge nodes and data are used to let companies vote with their feet to bet on the long-term development of EpiK, and an ecological consensus around the AI knowledge graph has taken shape. Furthermore, this is growing at a rapid pace and is already stepping into the fast lane of data collection and annotation.

In terms of long-term impact, the presence of domain experts will bring about a rise in the number of pledged EPKs in addition to the diversity of datasets collected and annotated by the EpiK ecosystem. The diverse data content and data structure will create the necessary prerequisites for the practical application of knowledge graphs. In the future, the all-round development of artificial intelligence is embedded in this diversity.

EpiK has been aiming for “an epic sermon from carbon-based to silicon-based life that will last at least 50 years” as a “snowpiercer” to cross the “cold winter” of human civilization. This lesson on artificial intelligence is boring and lengthy, yet may not necessarily be understood by the world.

The domain experts are the pillars of this lesson, whose research and experience in their fields of specialization will light up the dark night for us.

We will eventually break out of this barren blizzard and lead artificial intelligence to a future where carbon-based life and silicon-based life will live in harmony.

This is the romance that belongs to EPKers




An AI-first blockchain that aims at an open and collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI bots in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for the community to curate high-quality human-labeled AI training data and contributes to AI bots both in real world and metaverse.

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