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Tutorial | How to use the function of EPK Pool?

After the development of the EPK Pool on the EPK wallet was completed, some of our EPKers experienced this new function of one-click pledging and mining.

Compared to the former mining which requires hardware servers and some technical skills, it’s easy to mint EPK using our EPK Pool on EPK Wallet, users only need to pledge EPK on the EPK Wallet to start mining. With one-click fool-like operation, you don’t need to worry about mining.

After experiencing the functions of the EPK Pool on test net, Daniel, the experience officer, pledged 3 nodes through a one-click operation. At the same time, he also experienced the application process for miners to settle in Pool. Based on his own experience, Daniel has enthusiastically made this tutorial for everyone for convenience.

How to register a node pool:

Operation guide — How to register a node pool

First, create a wallet to get a receiving address;

Second, apply for a whitelist spot from the official team with your pool address, after passing the review, you can create your node pool;

Follow the above operation guide:

  • After passing the review, click “Node Pool” top right of the “Node” page.
  • Click “Create Node Pool”;
  • Fill in the name of the node pool;
  • Fill in the description of the node pool;
  • Fill in an address to receive the fee ( It may not be the address of the node pool management wallet, it may be another wallet)
  • Set your fee percentage;

How to manage your node pool:

Operation guide — How to manage your node pool

Follow the above operation guide:

  • Click “Manage” to enter the page “Manage Node Pool”;
  • Click “Edit” if you would like to update the information of your node pool;
  • Click “Add Owner” to allow the nodes under the Owner to enter the whitelist of the node pool before deploying the node;
  • Enter “OwnerID”;
  • It will automatically generate code after entering your OwnerID. Copy and paste the code to the miner machine corresponding to the Owner then just Enter;
  • The miner machine will generate a signed code, copy and paste the code to the wallet, and then click “Confirm” so that the node under the owner will get listed in the whitelist;
  • After adding a whitelist, you need to enter a command on the miner machine to transfer the nodes to the corresponding node pool. The command is: epik wallet coinbase change MinerID CoinbaseID. After about 10 minutes, you will see the page shown as ⑦.
  • If there is something wrong with your nodes, you can change your nodes. However, it supports submitting a transfer application, and the final confirmation still needs to be confirmed by the user who holds the pledged EPK, and the final transfer can be completed only after the confirmation.
  • You can change your nodes in batch.

How to rent a node:

Operation guide — How to rent a node

Follow the above operation guide:

  • Click “Node Pool” top right of the “Node” page.
  • Select your preferred miner, click “Rent Node” then a prompt box for entering the password will pop up, just enter the password to confirm. (The system will automatically select a node for you and pledge 1000 EPK automatically, you just need to enter the password and click “Confirm”. );
  • After renting a node, you can return to the main interface of the Node Page and click ③ to check the status of your nodes. ( Refresh the record page 10 minutes after the rent);
  • Enter your node page, you can “Add”, “Withdraw” and “Change” your node, you can also check the operation status of your nodes.



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