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Breaking Down Barriers in competitive gaming


The technological transformation in the gaming industry is quite notable; things are becoming more realistic, accurate, fertile, and more adept. However, there are still some flaws in this rapidly-growing industry, which may surprise you. It is because we require to address these issues in the online gaming world to bring saturation in the entire system.

Looking over the simplest form of an issue like slow money transfers; elimination of more critical issues like harassment is a must. This outlook ensures that we have an ideal environment for competitive online gaming. We will be looking over the root causes of these issues, which is acting as a barrier in the gaming industry. After that, we’ll come across two primary sources from which they have originated:-


Gaming generally involves quality interaction among a large number of people. This interaction can be good as well as bad in some aspects; as one cannot get control over the type of people who opt for a particular game, along with their behavior. Thus, it’s always enjoyable to have relatively social and interactive people over this gaming platform. Therefore, the people with whom one interacts plays a crucial role in enhancing the gaming experience.

Barriers in gaming

Besides this technological development in the gaming platform, which claims to be user-friendly and secure; the reality is that there have been several cases in which female gamers have reported instances of harassment. These instances are the primary concern because it threatens not only business and revenue but also a safety concern. Besides the issues falling under the Community category, there are a lot more risks associated with the gaming platforms too. Some of the common problems are outdated platforms, unorganized platforms; which are not tailored effectively as per the expectations in the gaming world, scattered and siloed nature of the platform. These problems make it way too challenging to transfer digital currencies between platforms. Resulting in disappointment among the gamers.

Gaming is a set of very social and interactive activities; thereby, one gains core experience from the type of people with the person one plays. Hence, it depends upon the nature of the communities who interact in gaming, so a good community can create a perfect platform while a bad one can break the platform.

Bad behavior can drive away from the very people with whom you prefer to interact, so it is necessary to facilitate a perfect environment for gamers straight from the beginning. Out of these people, one of the groups which are most vulnerable to go off the gaming platform is the female players due to sheer sexism of some communities. For instance, take care of the United States, which has over 40% female gamers, but still, it has under-representation of female players when it comes to competition or sponsorships. Another, thing to worry is the harassment and abuse of female gamers, which creates an unsecured environment.

What are the available solutions?

There are some of the best available solutions, like only organizing female-based tournaments. By allowing female-based events, we improve their safety is not that effective. Instead, using the right incentives in the right place, it’s possible to promote a sensation of positivity in the whole community. Thereby, every user can feel accepted and safe, regardless of who they are, whether a female or a male. To facilitate this, there is a large number of platforms, among these, heavily-incentivized platform like Asura World. The platforms are quite famous and competent enough to promote a healthy environment.

Users available over these platforms have tokens or credit after finding the content to be valuable to others. Further, in case the platform tracks any malicious activity, we consider the system rules. We do it to disincentivize the entire process by imposing notable token penalties, restrictions or bans. One of the critical features of the Asura platform having “World tournaments” is that there are no gender constraints; or any other demographic-based restrictions. These features permit everyone to compete freely among each other in an all-inclusive environment.

A usually encountered issue in the gaming world is the isolation and outdated nature of each existing platform. Conventional stages, even though having the most significant current piece of the overall industry; are being uncovered for their wasteful aspects, frequently fixating on a few principle territories.

Besides all this, there are some more issues which are present as follows:-

Never rely on the One-dimensional platform:

Since the majority of the eSports platform only takes into account one or two aspects of a gamer’s needs. Further, having to transfer money from one platform to another is entirely pretentious, as it is still one of the significant issues that have been remaining problematic with tokenized systems due to incompatibility between platforms and their tokens. Recounting over this, one should prefer an all-in-one platform, which holds a single digital currency to deal with all the complications.

Beware of Bad tailoring of the gaming platform:

There are a large number of right gambling platforms that have a high market share. However, these platforms do not have the depth and gambling options to enter effectively in the gaming world. In other words, specific gambling options like live-stream viewing option, in-built gambling feature over the platform should be present.

Say No to Unregulated Centralization:

It’s an undeniable fact that the obsolete centralized systems are now not that efficient it used to be earlier, thereby being risky, when it comes to the security of personal details, as well as the user funds. Since even a single trace of failure can ease the hacking procedure if the system is not as per the core principles of the blockchain. Further, if we observe the past incidents, we’ll be embarrassed with the lousy security features adopted by the central platforms, which lead to the leak of personal information of the user along with their funds. So what’s the solution? Well, you can go for NEO blockchain technology, which is so far more secure, smooth, effective to run. Also, it mitigates the possibility of the occurrence of human errors.

Do not Use of Fiat currency for payments:

Undoubtedly, the long term use of fiat currency transactions can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. Also, the deposits and withdrawals can take longer, ranging from several days to weeks before getting visible in your account. Moreover, the legal restrictions imposed over them can make betting more tedious. So, to avoid falling in this, one should always prefer Tokenized platforms. These platforms are so far a fantastic option to move ahead effectively.

How far we from removing the barrier from the Gaming platform

All major gaming companies have already started to take the best initiatives to make gaming more efficient. For instance, Asura World is quite popular with the best features by its gaming platform, before which none of us were aware of the existence of such a platform that is good enough to address all of the above issues, thereby, setting best example for the others to create a clear opportunity to improve the competitive gaming experience further. Under this platform, we consider the following points:-

It is a highly effective platform that gaming specific: Concentrating absolutely on gaming, the dimension of reverberation with the gaming network. This platform incorporates more top to bottom wagering alternatives that intrigue more to gamers than conventional stages do, just as enabling the system to add to these choices.

All inclusive platform:

Asura World doesn’t cover only one corner of the focused gaming world. It conveys every one of your needs to your fingertips. Be it betting, live-gushing, competition facilitating, guides, and a gathering.

Best use of NEO Blockchain Technology:

Asura World keeps running on the NEO open blockchain; this takes into account an increasingly secure stage, which is likewise more computerized and sealed than common frameworks. It’s not possible for anyone to mess with your assets or data. Also, you don’t need to stress over warped center men getting among you and your rewards.

Single token for all needs:

The ASA Coin is the sole cash inside the Asura World stage. This one token is utilized for everything from wagering, to paying for competition facilitating. Moreover, we use it for compensating different clients and paying for access to aides and substance. No all the more exchanging among stages and monetary standards for your gaming needs; Asura World has everything under one rooftop!

The positive and growing environment:

As discussed before, clients are boosted to be on their best conduct. Moreover, we provide compensation for giving a positive incentive to different clients on the stage.

Summing up to these aspects, it may be inferred that the surpassing these barriers needs efforts both from the community people and the exchange platform; this helps create a healthy platform.

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