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Enhance the productivity of your workforce by Video games

Every organisation shares a common vision of meeting their business goals thereby, they concentrates over the training of their employees, for this they carry out large number of training methods like

  • On-job training
  • Classroom training sessions
  • Play-games and learn session

Of all these three methods, “Play-games and learn session” is primarily used these days by majority of the industries to train its workers. In this article, we’ll study about the “Play-games and learn” based methodology which is adopted by the industries to train their employees.

Gaming beyond entertainment

For every individual, the games means a thing of joy, a recreational activity, an option to kill boredom. But, now these games have come-up to the next level and is now adopted by thousands of industries to train its employees. The reason behind considering, games as the mode of training is due to it’s exclusive features which are as stated here in this context:-

Long term impact over the players

Playing video games can have long term impact over the players, thereby, these players are able to remember the scenes for long term. This playing interface is modified to appear like the workplace, thereby, the players feel like they are performing all their actions in the place where they work. This makes them acquainted with the working environment

Retain more factual knowledge

Learning by reading books, modules or any report can be quite boring, thereby, “learning by performing actions can be quite beneficial and interesting.” Playing video games, allows the employees to retain the knowledge that they acquire by playing video games for longer periods of time.

Trial and error

Since, making a mistake while actually working at the workplace can be annoying for the organisation, as the employer has to bear the production loss committed by the worker. Thereby, industries are providing gaming interface to the workers, where they can commit errors and learn from it without any major loss to the industries

Learning with fun

Everyone of us loves to play video games, and what if one learns too from playing games. Thereby, industries, are teaching their company policies, the way to work, the challenges that comes into the picture, the way to deal with these challenges, etc to the workers by means of gaming interface.

Better decision making

Playing video games is effective in honing the decision making skills of the individual, which is the required quality in the workers. By means of employing “video game based learning”, the industries can have better decision makers.

Enhanced concentration

Another surprising things about video gaming is that, it can enhance the concentration of the employees. Thereby, be means of “Game based training”, the industries can inbuilt the level of concentration in the employees. Thus, they will be able to work with more dedication.

Application of Game-based Training methods

There are a couple of industries that have already implemented the “Game-based Training” methodology to train its employees and many industries are quickly heading towards implementing it. Some of the best application areas are:-

Forklift operations

Before assigning the duty to work over the heavy machinery, the operators are trained by means of gaming interface, where they practice and learn the operations to be performed.


Firefighting can be very critical task, thereby, the professionals are trained how to handle such situations by means of gaming interface.

Ice cream shops

There are times when filling the ice-cream cones with scoops, the operator makes errors in assigning the required volumes. Thereby, these operators are trained by means of Game-based training.


There are certain situations when a hotel professional is required to face certain challenges, thereby, the hotel staff are trained well via the Game based training methodology, where they actually practice the hospitality methods and enhance their performance in the real-life situation.

Views of great people over the use of gaming as industrial training method

“ Gamers are better in analyzing a situation quickly, to generate new knowledge and to categorize facts — especially in situations with high uncertainties.”

-Sabrina Schenk, Researcher


Hence, with the growing competition, the industries are investing quality time and capital to train its employees and for this, they are implementing innovative methods, among them “Game-based training” method is gaining great popularity.

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