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Epiko Regal: All set to bring legends on the digital platform!

Situated midway between boredom and anxiety, video games are very effective in bringing back excitement, joy, and a sensation of victory upon winning! With millions of games around the world, how would it feel like to have a game that makes use of blockchain and AI technologies which brings more security and freedom to the players!

We at Epiko Regal firmly believe in bringing life-like experience to the players by creating an ecosystem where players can connect and have an experience of a lifetime with the legends on a digital platform. Driven by Blockchain and AI, Epiko Regal is the fast-paced brawler where you collect cards and duel players in real time.

Pondering over, how we are bringing revolution in the gaming Industry? Let’s have a look at following aspects to understand things better!

Fair matchmaking system

Quite often it happens that a weak player fights against a strong player and vice-versa. To recount over this problem, we are using AI that makes it possible to conduct battle between the players of the same level. Even at the primary stage, if players don’t find any opponent — AI will play against that player.

Increased mana regen speed

Considering speed an essential aspect in gaming, we are appreciable mana regen speed that allows players to enjoy the game more. As they won’t need to wait minutes to release their favorite cards on the battlefield.

AI for rescue

We are driven by AI that is an essential aspect of bringing revolution in the gaming industry. AI is very effective in dealing with a problem of Network lag, which causes players to face unfair defeat in games. Elaborately, AI analyzes whether a player is facing a network fluctuation on his/her device. Upon validation AI automatically declare the result as ‘Draw’ for the player who encountered this issue — not affecting Relics count. Whereas, the opponent will still get positive Relics as they have won the match.

Fair rewarding and shopping experience

The AI-driven framework makes sure that players are rewarded based on the value of a Cube in Epiko Regal. That ensures a fair rewarding system.

Blockchain & AI Solution

Hackers love centralized servers! It’s just one stationary target for them, and if they can break the encryption, all assets stored on the server are theirs. Keeping this in consideration, we are driven by Blockchain technology to ensure eradication of this menace. When players buy digital collectibles in blockchain-based Epiko Regal, they can store them securely in their crypto wallets.

What makes us stand out?

• Epiko Regal is for all age groups. The cartoony graphics suits well for kids/teenagers while the competitive side attracts the adults; who can strategize their gameplay and battle for the top spot.

•Our characters are distinct; there is a storyline behind each, which helps in giving our users a personalized experienced.

• All the characters inspired by Eastern myths and legends and which westernized. That is done to target the global market.

• The community building feature will bring a sense of belongingness to the game.

• Users can redeem discounts on Cubes, Cards, Crystals, and Coins.

• Characters will be collectibles, just like in Pokemon Go.

• We are implementing augmented reality to increase the interest of users in our game.

• Epiko Regale provides an opportunity to earn while playing. It is the only game to incentivize users with tokens for helping the application by downloading the app, referring friends, providing suggestions for improvement, submitting feedback, reporting bugs, and watching video adverts.

• Innovative gameplay such as 3 Lane, Triple strike, Individual Tournaments, Rewards based on League Matches, etc. are going to keep the gamers active.

• Features such as player’s Avatar, Wardrobes, Daily Free Rewards, and Blockchain Insight. Which will not only attract players to the game but also learn something about Blockchain Technology and educate them as well.

Ecomi: ECOMI Collect is a marketplace for premium licensed digital collectibles. It is done by using this cross-platform app, and you can find your favorite digital collectibles, become the official owner, and then bring them to life. Epiko Regal will allow players to earn this awesome wallet to store their digital collectibles from our game.

Workforce behind!

Wharf Street Studio is the parent company for Epiko Regal has the most passionate team of technocrats and entrepreneurs. Led by Mr. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, Founder and CEO has been in the gaming and blockchain industry for more than four years and has worked with multiple startups like Cashaa, Bubblo, Ecomi, Sync. Money etc. where he worked on entire business development and branding.

Future aspects!

By the end of the year 2018, 2.3 billion gamers across the globe will be spending $137.9 billion on games. It shows an increase of +13.3% from the year before, or $16.2 billion. Thus, digital game revenues will take 91% of the global market with $125.3 billion by the year 2021. Specifically, the mobile gaming industry will become the largest segment, with annual revenue growth of 25.5%. That means it will reach $70.3 billion and by the year 2021. In yearly revenues, it will be worth close to $100 billion.

Keeping these facts and figures into consideration, we have been working over creating high poly characters for marketing for in-game! We’ll be bringing up following exciting features very soon!

• Addition of new levels, Polish VFX for attack

• Add clan creation, clan battles, custom matches, Clan Chat/Normal Chat.

• Intensive app analytics with Machine Learning

• Using Castor for augmented reality

• Research on virtual reality and holoverse technology to showcase at events

• Developing toys to honor players who are at the top, etc.

• Epiko Legends — (Desktop/Laptop for steam), Battle of Ancient lands — (Strategy game 2019) and Brawlers league 2020

• Different background themes/skins to our revenue stream

• Wardrobe feature where players can buy different Skins for King/Queen

Hold on all the gamers! We are all set to launch our most awaited enticing gaming platform- Epiko Regal!

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