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Game Concept: Importance and Significance

2018 is known to be a blockbuster year for gaming. From $128.7 billion in the year 2017 to the whopping figure of $ 138 billion in the year 2018, the gaming industry observed an excellent growth. But, have you ever wondered how are these games created? What inspires us to create such appealing games that we play today?

Well, in this article, we will find an answer to all these set of questions and will learn about the “Game Concept”, its importance and significance. So, let’s begin!

What is a Game Concept?

“Game concept” in its simplest form is the overview of what will be the game all about, how will the gaming characters act, how will the game profit the game developers and what all strategies will be involved in promoting and marketing the game.

How does Game Concept work?

There are a lot of things that go into creating an interesting game. Among these very things, having a clear “Game concept” is very important. There are several things which one needs to keep in mind while creating a game concept, which is as follows:-

Have a core idea

The very first step towards the beginning of the game concept is having a core idea of the game that you have been planning to develop. One must prepare a quick overview of the key features of the game like the style of the game, the gaming characters, and the other gaming functions.

Define your art

The game concept — give a clear idea about the art of the game, whether it is going to be a 2-D or a 3-D game. It will let the game designers estimate the total time, budget and identify any issue that may prevail while designing such a game.

Identify your target audience

Another important thing that comes while creating a game concept is the identification of the target audience. A game concept must include details like the audience who will be playing this game and accordingly design the game. For example, if the target audience is around the 6–12-year-old range, then having a complicated gameplay mechanics will not be suitable.

Budget-friendly game

While creating a game concept, it is important to take care of the game designing cost. One could use feasible 3D applications like Autodesk Maya, Blender to cut down the overall price and make it a feasible option.

Appears appealing to the investors

Another important thing that is to be considered is that one must have a clear plan about monetizing the gaming concept into a profitable business. This is essential as it would attract investors to invest in your venture.

Experts Views

A Game concept is a way to keep a team working on multiple, specialized modules in sync, as it includes a conceptual plan for graphics, sound, mechanics, and narrative and explanations for how they fit together to achieve the game’s central premise.
-DeAnda & Kocurek, Game Designers

It’s been a lot more about forming a hypothesis essentially and then testing it out and realizing it works or it doesn’t work, then continuing to do that over and over again for all aspects of game design and game design documentation.
-Zhang, Y, G-ame Researcher

Thus, while creating a game concept, it is important to provide enough details for every single department that will be working over the execution of the game. The game concept should be clear and precise enough to be picked up easily by the developers, designers, producers, investors and the publishers.

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