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Game engines: Bringing a game to Everyone Life

Recall your childhood days, when you used to buy your favourite video game cassettes, put them into the gaming console and play your favourite game! Later, things changed and the gamers started playing over PlayStations, PC-games and mobile games! But, have you ever wondered, how do these games run? What are game developers doing? How are the games getting better day-by-day? If not! Here in this article, we’ll answer all these questions! In the below context, we’ll discuss the Game engines; it’s working and significance.

What are Game Engines?

Game Engines are the helping hands of the game developers, which assists them in creating amazing games that you all play today. These are the software programs equipped with numerous features, by the help of which the game developers develop games. It further permits to import the 2D, 3D, arts, audio effects, animation, interactivity and other assets from other software, synchronize them to create the entire gaming environment. Hence, we can say that game engines are the core heart of game development.

Types of Game Engines

There are numerous types of game engines among them the most popular are as follows:-

2D Game Engine

A 2D gaming engine is used to develop games in the two-dimensional format, which is having a 3-D perspective. In simpler words, the games are built-in 2-D, but the graphics are used in such a way to give it a three-dimensional view. Popular games like Super Mario and Sonic are built over a 2D game engine. Further, Game Salad is one of the very common 2D which is used to develop visually appealing games with a 2D interface.

3D Game Engine

A 3D Engine is a three-dimensional representation of geometrical data. It’s working is more difficult in comparison to the workings of the 2D engine, because one needs to apply not only the 3D models but also the 2D textures. Popular games like Skate 3 is built using the 3D engine. Further, Demonware is one of the best 3D gaming engines which lets the game developers develop better games even without the use of the programming language.

Mobile Engines

In a short while, mobile games have gained immense popularity, and due to this, the game developers are making a lot of efforts to grab the mobile gaming market by developing more realistic games over the mobile interface. Popular Software Development Kit (SDK), Marmalade, which was introduced by Ideaworks3D, is one of the popular Mobile engines, which is used to develop games for all mobile operating systems like Android and IOS.

Unity: a Success story

By now you would have understood what a game engine is and what are its types! Now, let us take the case of popular Game Engine Unity, understanding what all factors are responsible for its success.

Unity owns 47% of the market of over 10,000+ app developers. The reason behind its popularity and success is as follows:-

• User-friendly learning interface

• Faster development speed

• Supports more than 25 platforms

• 15,000+ free and paid features for 3D models

• Offers a wide range of scripting languages

• Easy to develop a gaming protocol

Due to these extensive features, today, Unity has over 4.5 million registered gaming developers. Thus, Unity has gained massive popularity in a short time.

What are people saying about game engines?

“Let’s optimize for player experience rather than what we think will make more money.”

- Ron Carmel

“The successful free to play games are selling positive emotions. Not content.”

- Nicholas Lovell

“It should be an experience that is touching. What I strive for is to make the person playing the game the director.”

- Shigeru Miyamoto.


Therefore, we can say that Game Engines is one the most essential tool for game development that helps the game developers develop state-of-art games with the best combination of gaming graphics, sound, gameplay and gaming characters.

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Epiko Regal is a mobile Entertainment Application based on Indian mythology. It is the blend of strategic tower defence games, a series of animated comics and augmented reality digital collectibles. It doesn’t just end there it has many more features and many more to come!

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