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Enter The World Of Eden Falling

Welcome to the Afterfall. Eden Falling is a new kind of multiplayer, sci-fi, turn based, survival RPG in which you, the survivor, have to endure life after the destruction of planet Earth. We need your help to succeed in the Afterfall by collecting as many NFTs as you can in this post-apocalyptic world.

What was once originally a tabletop game has now been transformed into a fully interactive video game. Developer Razor Edge Games has partnered with Epik Prime to bring you the ultimate survival experience. We are excited to bring you a brand-new line of NFT characters from new factions inspired in the game as well as new opportunities to explore the world of Eden Falling.

As you play the game, you can earn Destiny Points as rewards during gameplay. Destiny Points give you the ability to completely customize your character. From your appearance, skin color, gender, to developing skills both in and out of combat and also perhaps the opportunity to change your character’s fate. Whether you got at it alone in single player or as part of a co-op group, you’ll need to maintain your skills by using them frequently and improve them throughout your playthrough.

In Eden Falling, reputation is everything — the companions you make, the factions you influence, your impact on the world’s commerce, and even building a unique faction of your own design. All of this will depend on your in-game reputation.

Traverse a massive world with over 30,000 locations to explore complete with full day-night cycles, seasonal events, and many other components that bring the Afterfall to life. This game depends on you to help us all survive in this world. By collecting NFTs and building your factions, you will help make the game more thrilling for everyone and attract more players. The more NFTs you collect, the better your reputation. And the better your reputation is, the more powerful you become. There will be many more NFTs to collect and new factions to interact with in the coming months. Keep an eye out for those!

Collecting NFTs also helps you to win prizes! Collect any NFT and you will get entered into a draw to win prizes. NFTs have different raffle entry values so the more rare NFTs you collect, the more raffle entries you will have. The raffle is drawn two weeks after every NFT drop. The more NFTs you collect, the better your overall gameplay experience will be.

Your character will age overtime as you play the game. Your character will grow old and will eventually die. Your character will experience what is called Perma-Death and their journey will end. It’s up to a companion or a possible offspring to continue the legacy after death — as long as you play your cards (or Destiny Points) right. Join the wishlist for the game and start collecting your NFTs now!

About Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games is an independent gaming studio with a diverse collection of artists and gamers from around the world, based in Gilbert, Arizona. Their mission is to create replayable, content-driven experiences fueled by innovation. REG independence means not having to adhere to flashy trends, stuffy board members, and corporate Yes-Men who rehash the same tiring games over and over. Their vision is to take the gaming experience far beyond traditional industry norms, aiming to give gamers full control of their own experience.

Expect more exciting updates to come Epik Prime! Make sure to follow us on our social media networks to get the latest development on this partnership. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.



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