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EPIK LP Staking Farm Now Open! Hodl your $EPIK tokens for great rewards!

Epik Prime is implementing a time-based reward system to further incentivize long-term liquidity providing via a ‘Dynamic bonus pool’. $EPIK tokens will be distributed proportionally to all those who commit liquidity to PancakeSwap’s EPIK-BUSD liquidity pool (LP).

The bonus tokens have been locked in a smart contract and are distributed proportionally to the time the LP tokens are staked in the contract and to the ratio of holdings out of the total depositors, calculated per block. The annual percentage yield (APY) presented is true to that moment and is subject to high volatility. The personal APY depends on the amount, duration, and ratio of staked EPIK-BUSD LP tokens.

The longer and more you stake, the higher the rewards!

Link to EPIK LP Staking Farm: https://tokensfarm.com/epik/lp/3

Here are the ‘must-knows’ and how you can participate in the farming:

1. Go to the EPIK Token LP Farming page. Click the Connect Wallet button found at the upper right corner of the screen. A pop-up will appear for you to log in to your MetaMask wallet.

Note: If you haven’t set up your own MetaMask wallet, check out the step-by-step guide we created here: How to get $EPIK on PancakeSwap

Make sure that your wallet is connected to the Binance Smart Chain network and has the EPIK-BUSD LP token you received from staking on PancakeSwap. You will also need some BNB to pay the gas fee for the staking transaction.

2. Enter the amount of EPIK-BUSD PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool tokens you wish to deposit to start earning extra Annual Percentage Yield. Then, click the Approve EPIK-BUSD button.

3. A confirmation will appear showing you the information such as the Minimum time to stake, the Last day to earn APY, and the Portion you get from the total earning. Click the Approve EPIK-BUSD button once again.

4. Once done, a pop-up will appear stating that Staking is Complete. You can now close the browser tab/window.

For EPIK LP Staking Farm to be successful, you need to provide Liquidity to $EPIK pools on PancakeSwap. To do it, refer to this link: https://medium.com/epikgg/epik-on-pancakeswap-faq-584404467ba6

Epik Prime Partners with Chainport to Gain Interoperability

With this partnership, ChainPort is providing easy access to interoperability to EPIK Token holders by giving them easy access to Binance Smart Chain. EPIK Prime is now available on PancakeSwap with a fully deployed LP farm provided by TokensFarm. It is also available to trade on PancakeSwap with liquidity, and EPIK/BUSD pair live thanks to ChainPort BSC integration.

ChainPort is an easy-to-use, permissionless blockchain bridge for crypto tokens. Anyone can use ChainPort to transfer their tokens between blockchains. Any token ported to another blockchain with ChainPort keeps full functionality on the destination blockchain, enabling interoperability between blockchains.

To port $EPIK tokens back and forth between Ethereum and BSC, follow these direct links:

Direct link to port ERC20 tokens to BEP20 token.

Direct link to port BEP20 tokens to ERC20 token.

Happy Farming Everyone!




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